Some advice for someone new to IEMs?
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Jul 25, 2008
I've decided to replace my headphones, since they now produce a rattle when there's deep bass.

With one exception I've always had closed, circumaural headphones. Beyer DT770s, Sennheiser HD250s etc.

The exception was a cheap sony pair of earphones I bought for when I'm out walking. The Sony ones lasted about 2 months before one of them went faint. But in some ways I did quite like them. The sound quality just wasn't there, but everything else was good.

So I've decided to look at buying a set of IEMs, and I've been hit by a whole wall of information. The sticky here that explains the basic concepts has been helpful, and led me to look at - Alien Ears- High Quality - Low Cost In Ear Monitors . I do like what I read there, but I don't really know enough about IEMs to make any kind of judgement, and of course looking at the product means little.

One thing that slightly worries me from the guide is IEMs not offering the same level of quality as great big headphones. I think if I bought a set and they sounded poor I'd have little use for them. As a result I think it might be sensible to spend more than I would on headphones. It's bonus time at work soon anyway, so money won't be a massive issue. I'm worried that no matter how much I spend, IEMs will sound "like IEMs" and I'll be unsatisfied, perhaps people can offer an opinion on that?

As far as deciding what to get from Alien Ears... I know I have no interest in ambient tubes.

I can see there's one two and three driver models, am I right in assuming that there's a step up in quality with each one and no downside?

Detachable cables sounds good, does that mean it's relatively simple to throw away an old cable and put a new cable on?

I'd also be keen that this purchase would last a number of years. 5 years to me sounds a very very long time - if they lasted that length I'd be very pleased, as it stands just now I'm changing my headphones once a year, and changing the pads every few months. What can go wrong with IEMs? Are they fragile? Are they likely to break long before the 5 years?

I'd appreciate any help!
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Dec 24, 2006
I think you want richer, fuller sound from IEMs like fullsize headphones. There are few IEMs which sound like fullsize headphones with great details in muisc and the sound stage on these IEMs is huge. Sennhieser IE8, IE7 and JVC FX500 sound fuller with big soundstage and they shows great details in music. UE TF10Pro also sound like fullsize headphones with even more details than above IEMs and they all can last long with little extra care. If money is not issue then i will recomand CK100 and UM3x for ultimate soundquality in universal IEMs and both shows rich details in mids, clear extended highs and great bass extension.

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