Software for playlist transfer.
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Dec 19, 2013
Hello, Head Fi'ers sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
I am currently using AIMP3 through my onboard dac itno my schiit Vali powering my he-400s.
Does any one know a good software that can take the files, folders cd art, and everything from a playlist (M3U or any other format) then copy all the songs and folders from the playlist into another location (or device). 
This is because I like to make playlists, but I like folder control over the music when i use it on my phone, and to keep as a backup for my music library.
Originally to accomplish this i use AIMP3 and use the music copy function, which lets me copy any of the selected songs from AIMP then paste it into any location I would like, but the problem is it only transfers the songs and not album art folders or anything else (unless there is another option in the setting I am not sure how to use) this also has the delema of causing songs to require being renamed because some songs have the same name even when from different albums. I found a software called (AmoK Playlist Copy) but it also has the problem of only transferring the songs without keeping them in there original folders or anything, just like the AIMP transfer.
Thanks very much, this has always been a pain in my side it would be great if there is an efficient solution to this.
Thank you, HeadFi'ers

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