So I went ahead and ordered...
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Jan 1, 2007
A pair of Klipsch Custom-1s. This is the second time that a newcomer to the headphone game has snatched me away from buying a pair of UM1s as well. The first was V-Moda with the Vibes, which I still like, but got some negative reviews. Of course the few things that are out there about the Custom-1s right now aren't all positive, but I needed something with more isolation than the Vibes and really wanted to get back to IEMs over canalphones after I got rid of my iM716s.

Now the waiting game begins, but I have 2-day shipping and a couple of exams to keep my occupied until then. Then I'll have a whole week to listen to them. I'll be sure to dig this thread back out and give some impressions when I get them.
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The waiting game sucks though...
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I have not seen anyone else with these on Head-Fi. Maybe you are one of the first o get a pair.

Do post some impressions of the sound.

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