So...fair price for a Klipsch 2.1?
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Feb 12, 2006
Before the glory of this forum and for last Christmas, I already had dislike for the iBuds. So my parents ssid, "What about the Sounddock? It looks nice, and it's cheap for a Bose!" I thought they sounded good (remember, BEFORE Head-Fi and Sennheisers), but that they had no bass; I asked for the $300 upfront, and got a yes. Then I proceeded to go to Best Buy and get two things: a Shure E2C ($99...overpriced, but our computer's too spyware-ridden for any sort of internet buying), which still serves me well, and a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 ($125), which was good for gaming and hip-hop...until it became slaughtered by the twin titans of my parents' complaints and the Sennheiser HD 497 that I bought after joining this forum, with the remaining money.

So I'm asking advice about a fair price for these fine, bass-heavy ProMedias. Nicely broken in with a mixture of weird headcrab noises and extended listening to the Fugees (God, hate their comeback...just doesn't match up to "The Score") and Ray Charles. What would anyone think? $75? $90? My selling target is my classmates in high school, and I know they have enough money; some of them have Sounddocks, and I believe the last Super Bowl garnered a betting pool of about $1500
. I can't sell them here, because of the aforementioned computer, and my parents' inherent distrust of Internet commerce channels.

Also, should I buy a headphone amp with the remaining money? Or should I save it up for the new, "audiophile-quality" Apple Hi-Fi

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