SMS Headphones by 50 Cent
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Mar 13, 2013
As a fairly new audiophile I have become majorly curious about every pair of headphones I hear about/see. I have been having a hard time hearing a true head-fi review of the SMS headphones by 50 cent. I expect they are garbage, much like beats, but I am still curious. Does anyone have a response chart? Has anyone tried them out and found them surprisingly decent? I just want some info on these. I want to know if I should stop people from buying these just like I have been stopping people from buying Beats whenever I see them about to buy some.
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Nov 1, 2008
Thank you very much. Conclusion: they are garbage. Stay away from SMS Audio.

That's not really fair. More like "be wary of any product thats main selling point is a celebrity endorsement". This brand, even beats may manage to make high quality sound. Hell, monster pulls it off every once in a while. But don't spend your hard earned cash till you know for sure it fits your needs, either with first person experience or by the experience of a trustworthy third party.
But yes, it seems that the audio performance does not match the price tag. For the same or less money, I reccomend the Logitech ue6000. They sound great, have noise canceling, look good, and offer active bass boost for when you want some thump

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