SkullCandy Hesh 2.0 - Heitek's Review
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Mar 9, 2013
So, this is my official review of the Hesh 2.0's. I will be doing 4 main categories for this full review. Bass, Quality, Comfort, and Design/Durability.
The bass on these headphones are good and balanced at mid volume(s). When you start to get to extreme volumes, the bass starts to overpower the music, but not too bad. 4/5.
The sound quality of these is amazing. If you're just switching from lightweight stereo headphones to the Hesh 2's, you might hear a muddy sound for the first 3 days. After that, it starts to clear up. SkullCandy really stands up for "Supreme Sound" label on these phones. All the sound is well balanced and you can hear the bass really well. 5/5.
The comfort isn't that great on these. The earpads are pretty nice, but it starts to hurt after about 90 minutes. The headband is not very good, because there is no padding at all on the headband. For me, I have to use the carrying sack on my head to get minimal comfort. 3.5/5.
The design on these is great. Well worth the 50 bucks. Looks very plain and simple, which I like alot. The durability on these is amazing. I doubt these are good for outdoors (skiing, skateboarding, etc.), but since I haven't tried it I'm not sure. It's very good for home listening. 5/5.
So overall, I give these an 8/10 value for the price.
This is my first review, so be nice :p

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