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Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by MooTaters, Oct 24, 2017.
  1. MooTaters
    So I've been involved in multiple forums that have their own set of acronyms everyone is expected to just know, but not everyone does, and everyone who is new has to learn this new set of acronyms. Even after all these years of being a head-fi member, today I found one here which I wasn't quite sure what might have been meant by it. I was finally able to figure it out with a few google searches, but only after I searched with another acronym within the same post.

    I lurked in one forum that seemed to have some functionality where it would automatically create a link out of acronyms or terms that may be less understood or completely foreign to someone who's new. Ever since I've thought that this is something that should really be picked up by most other forums, and honestly it could even be community driven allowing people to add new things as they come along. It could even allow for links to pages here which already exist here like the Useful Links section, or maybe something under the articles section. I understand this could take a lot of work and time and probably wouldn't be a priority, but I think it would really reduce some frustration of trying to learn so much for anyone who is new to the hobby.

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