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Single channel stereo USB ADC - does one exist?

  1. suicidal_orange
    I'm looking to record some vinyls and there are a couple of USB Audio interfaces which are widely recommended for the task that are in my budget (£100) if I buy used, but they all have way more features than I need.  I don't need multiple balanced inputs, phantom power, a phono preamp, DAC capabilities, or even a headphone socket for monitoring - all I want is RCA line in, USB out, and maybe a power socket.
    Does such a device exist?  I don't like wasting money and desk space on functions I will never use and can't help feeling that my limited budget would be better spent on a device that does this single task really well than one that tries to do everything.
    Thanks for any thoughts [​IMG]
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would assume there are several Microphones that come with a USB connection.
    I'm guessing you could piggyback your analog audio signal.
    Get a USB microphone with an extra analog input or just remove the microphone part.
    Maybe find something here.
  3. suicidal_orange
    Thanks, that's an interesting idea.  Not sure they'd be designed for full range recording (I remember trying to use RMAA with my onboard mic in socket and it topped out at 0.8 on Audacity's waveform view, chopping off the dynamics [​IMG]) but surely worth a look.
  4. suicidal_orange
    Not a lot of specs available for the ADC part on mics and to buy a well spec'd mic costs lots, unsurprisingly!
    Anyone gone any other ideas?

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