Singapore Meet - 7 September 2013.
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Aug 4, 2009
As the title says really. Just figuring out if anyone is interested in this, meeting other people etc and having a chat with local head-fiers who have the same hobby etc. 
Let me know what you think, and I'll edit this post as we go along. 
As it stands, there is no fixed place or date as yet, so let's see if this develops into anything.
Facebook group: Singapore Head-Fi Meet 2013

Note: the same table below can be found here and you may update on your own
Interested parties so far: 
No. Poster Nickname Date Preference (if any) Headphones Earphones Components Others (if any)
1 SenG   ATH-M50 Westone 4R    
2 myap2328   N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
3 lightningfarron   HD800 IE80 (silver poison cable); UM3X; Heir 8.A; JH16 (maybe) Fiio E17; iBasso D-Zero; Studio V 3rd Anv;  Toxic 8 wire hybrid cable and virus cable; TWAG 8 wire hybrid cable 
4 Malevolent   5 Cans (assorted) Westone 3, Shure SE215, JVC FX1X digiZoid ZO2.3, Fiio E11, iBasso D-Zero, iBasso D6 Fer-de-Lance, Cowon Z2, Apple iPod Touch (4G)  
5 cravenz   k702 UE700; IE8 and 1Plus2 HDP LPS-1; NuForce 3.5mm and USB cables
6 LionPlushie          
7 akhyar After mid-August ESW9 TG334 AK100 and JDS Labs C5 Fiio and DIY 3.5mm
8 7nationarmy          
9 jgray91 After mid-August T50RP RHA MA350; MDR7550 Project-H; Leckerton UHA-4  
10 kn19h7   DT1350; ATH-A2000X; ATH-AD1000PRM and MDR-Z1000   Cowon J3  
11 Birdoffice          
12 boleh7   ATH-AD900X; JVC HA-S500 H-200; XBA-4; VSD1; R2L; ATH-CKN70; MH1C iPod Classic (rockboxed); PA2v2; Rhapsodio k0; Fiio E12 and Schiit M&M Copper and silver LODs
13 rahjinoh          
14 Theta Alpha 1          
15 DarknightDK   HD-800, LCD-3, HD 580   Woo Audio WA22. Toxic SWs.
16 YoengJyh       EarMax Pro Silver Edition OTL (tube amp)  
17 lookingforIEMs     Atrio m5 and Turbines    
18 chesterljh (by proxy)       Shozy amp PX-1 and PX-M1; Rhapsodio amp K0 and K2.  
19 PChoon          
20 alamakazam After July DIYmod T50RP , Yamaha YH-1 monoprice 8320 3 Channel Beta 22 , Calyx Coffee Laptop
21 firev1   Pioneer Monitor 10; SRH840; HD25 and HD800   AMB M3  
22 B[van] July - September Amperior, K701 (TBC) Brainwavz R1   Toxic SP for Shure/UE900 terminations (TBC)
23 MiaoMiao   LCD2, A900X Tzar 350  AK100,  RSA Protector, 71B,  R1 RSA balanced cable 
24 Cryok95   HD600   Bottleneck Crack Amp w/ Speedball fully modded; Dacport LX  
25 availability 20 July-August SRH840 UM Miracle, UE 400 Fiio E06, E17, ipod touch 4th gen, sansa clip+  
26 Smeckles   SR-009, HE-500 ACS T3 Aristaeus, Phonitor  
27 meltan          
28 shsh   ATH-ESW11LTD Flat 4 Kaede; Flat 4 Sui (if not sold);  Cowon J3; Vorzuge Ampduo;   
29 Chang (not on Head-Fi)   KRK KNS6400 RE400, MH1C, TWF-11, HP-TWF11, SE215, SE535, BA200, JH5, ES5 Voyager, E17, Hippo CriCri+, cmoy, O2 Toxic Scorpion LOD by fonebone
30 Buihia Open        
31 ReNnxz (ZackZhou) Open HD-600 Diy tf10, W4R Fiio X3, M&M Stack Twag V2, V3. DIY 8 conducter cables
32 lololololo     Sennheiser IE800; W4R; SM3v2; Elpis Pico Slim; Leckerton UHA6s MKII Null Audio Silver and Copper cables
33 smallcaps after Sept. 10th (in Cape Town from the 1st till the 9th of Sept.) HD-580 (modded) with DoubleHelix Custom cable, ATH-ES10, ATH-M50, PX-100 II IE8 w/custom ACS silicone tips and silver Hippo cable Rockboxed iPod Classic, iBasso D10 [size=inherit]a hardrive full of flac and vinyl rips, Qables LOD[/size]
34 Noobmachine   LCD 2   ALO Pan Am  
35 wensan   DT1350, DTX 501p; ATH-M50/LE MDR-EX1000 RSA The Predator Portable Amp Laptop
36 rckyosho   VModa M-100, Takstar Pro 80, Modded K701,    Modded C5/UD-100, TCG U-Skin Laptop/Galaxy S3(I9305).
37 graphidz   T50RP; AD700   Project-H  
38 tiga3mata   SR009   BHSE Chord Blu + Dac64mk2

Further Information for the Meet:
  • Please bring your own tips for earphones, or if you do have extra, and would be willing to share, please bring them along. This is done for hygiene reasons. Optimally, everyone would have washed out their ears etc prior to the meet.
  • If you have a lot of gear, it would be recommended that you label your gear or take note of the serial numbers. It will be difficult to keep track of everything, and it is strongly encouraged that you take care of your own belongings at the meet. 

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Count me in!

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Count me in!

Entry fee is a million bucks by the way. And no cheapo monopoly/rupiah/rupee etc money. 

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Entry fee is a million bucks by the way. And no cheapo monopoly/rupiah/rupee etc money. 

Don't I get a million credits for being the first to sign up? I'll use that to waive off the entry fees then.

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Doesn't seem like anyone is responding. Will send PM to my friend.

I'd give it time. Plus, most of the local people are on a different forum. 
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Im interested
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I thought they just organised a meet (end april)? Too often then no one will go cos the gears will have little changes.

Did a search on here and didn't see one I think. 
Though if it was on the local forum, then probably, but I don't use that forum. 
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Hmm, this is interesting. Myap told me about this meet - I think it's a good idea! Would definitely like to meet up if I can. 

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