Simple, gapless audio player for LINUX
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Aug 31, 2005
I don't care if it's gui or command line. Command line would be fine. It just needs to play .flac gaplessly. Mplayer does not.

I used to use Amarok but I don't like Amarok 2 at all due to the UI. I'm trying to find something to replace it and not finding much. What made me start using Amarok was it was the only gui player I could find that was gapless.

It would also make me very happy if there was some way to implement a decent software crossfeed in linux, but such niceties seem to overlooked in the world of free software. I use Ubuntu by the way.
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For the player look at MPD. It supports flac and gapless play. There's a lot clients for it: mpc (command line), gmpc, sonata (graphical) and others.
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If you need a crossfeed filter: Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP

Build the LADSPA plugin then play with the MPlayer -af:ladspa filter.

But mplayer isn't gapless. Or is there some way to make it gapless? I remember I tried to get the Stereo-to-binaural plugin to work with Aqualung long ago, but that player is pretty basic and I don't know if it's even supported anymore.
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I'm using rhythmbox and it seems to be working fine.. however... I'm looking for a way or other software that support *.*que files for those wav's that i have.

Anyone know a solution for this?
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Audacious with Crossfeed filter was what I used when I was using uBuntu. The best out of a day or two of experimenting. Fiddle around with the crossfeed settings and it'll sound gapless.
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"Aqualung is a music player designed from the ground up to provide continuous, absolutely transparent, gap-free playback across a variety of input formats and a wide range of sample rates..."

and MPD, as mentioned above.

I use both on Ubuntu 9.04.
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For the player look at MPD. It supports flac and gapless play. There's a lot clients for it: mpc (command line), gmpc, sonata (graphical) and others.

mpd gets my vote.

I'm also developing an informal hardware client for it:



works over ethernet and lets me play, pause, skip and SEE what's playing.

mpd changed my life
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Originally Posted by trains are bad /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How does mpd work? I installed it and tried running


[left]mpd ~/music/afile.flac[/left]

but it didn't work. This doesn't work the way I expected it to.

mpd takes some setup. it confused me, too

its a server and a client. you run the server (config it, first) and then you have to update it with the files ('pour' your files into it). that takes some times (for me, it did). once the update is done, your db is setup and you are NOW ready to run a client (I use an ascii 'thin' client called ncmpc - nc means 'ncurses' which is ascii-art, essentially).
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I was close with Shank when he first released MPD. I actually had developed a very similar app in perl. While it was a great learning experience for me, writing a network daemon that had to multiplex between potentially multiple connected clients etc.... Shank's MPD, written in C, was just much more robust. When he put out MPD, I gave up on Trackbox. MPD is really, really great.

But I haven't used it since I got my Squeezebox almost 2 years ago.

On my netbook, for something wicked fast and simple to use, I go with Music on Console. Once you get the hang of the hotkeys, it is just a joy to use. No album art, of course, but it does have a bunch of features. Even scrobbling.

Oh, I don't think it does browsing by tags... You have to browse your files/directories. You can easily add a whole dir recursively to the playlist or just start playing songs from the left, file-browsing pane (without adding them to the playlist).

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