silver IC's + MG Head OTL = wow
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Sep 16, 2005
I have recently reaffirmed my belief that silver IC's + my tubed MG Head are a great combo. I am using an Entech 203.2 DAC connected to a MG Head Mk3 OTL with Ei EL84EG's and a Sylviana GB-5751. I am using Sennheiser 600's with the stock 650 cable, running out of my pc with E-mu 1212M. I just found an old Headphile blacksilver IC that I had re-terminated for something else, and since I just learned to solder I decided to test my skills by restoring this cable with some gold-plated radio shack RCA's. I used silver solder. Now I'm listening to it and it sounds GREAT! The difference is quite profound, going from a pair of cheap acoustic research stranded copper rca's. It's really smooth and sounds shimmery and tight, punchy with deeper/cleaner sounding bass. Very nice!
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Originally Posted by Jbucla2005 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ei EL84EG's and a Sylviana GB-5751.

That's a combo I use all the time, and IMO it's going to take a pretty piss-poor amp to make that tube combo sound bad
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Using that combo again now, with upgraded cable for the 600's, twisted pair 20 awg spc I built, an adcom interconnect instead of silver, still with the entech 203.2 and it's really warm and sweet!!

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