Silent Burn In... Is it possible?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 26, 2001
I've just noticed something really strange, and i'm wondering if this is just within my own mind... or if there is some factual agreement to this.

I bought a new CD this morning listened to it once, discarded my headphones and went out for a while (without turning off any equipment, and leaving the 'phones connected)

Coming back to the headphones now (in this case the CD1700s) and everything seems more together than normal... kinda better than normal, now this could be from one, two... or no reasons... you tell me.

Reason 1 : I left my X-Can V2 powered up the whole time with the 'phones connected... are the 'phones still ticking over even with no music going through them? like silent burn in?

Reason 2 : My room here gets like a sauna... here it is at nearly 1am (GMT+1) and the temperature in my room is 27.6 degrees C (81.7 degrees F)... I know that at one point there was some rumour going around the hi-fi fraternity that equipment performance improves at 20 degrees C... and then slowly degrades again past 30... am I experiencing this (with my source components)?

Or... am I just imagining things, and need to take a vacation to get over it?

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Dusty Chalk

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Jun 22, 2001
Sure silent burn-in is possible...if you're capable of telekinesis!


No, seriously, what you're referring to is "warm up", not burn-in.

Also, there are many other factors, and what you were most probably experiencing was the after-effects of your walk.

I take it you didn't read that "dump" thread?

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