Sigh, had some stuff stolen. How about you?
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RedLeader besides the possibility of bad luck could it be that the one who stole your stuff is someone who knows you? If the thief knows you and where you put your stuff that would explain your car being chosen.

Sorry you are going through this.

It was in the basement garage of my fiances apartment building. Literally the only person that knew where I was and where I parked and what I had in my car was her, and she was with me the entire time

Yea, I live in Cambridge, so Surrey is just a _little_ off!

Also... they took your cat???
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I got burgled a few years ago; they stole my laptop etc. Not the end of the world but they then decided to destroy all the models I had made for my university course that year. Gutted!
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courierdriver: ouch. I'm speechless on that one. I thought I had some bad luck with my audio equipment (breaking down). Glad you were able to come out safe in all of those situations and were able to keep the cat.

Thanks! Luckily, I was either not at home, or sleeping when these things happened. The cat was found by our neighbour the day after our wedding, while we were at another reception at our inlaws. He got out through the basement window that the burglers broke the lock on. He was unharmed.
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Well, at 15 i have had a few things nicked.

First one that springs to mind is my Nike Valve Water Bottle = ~$10

My dad has had is house broken into, and when he had a Ford Sierra Cosworth the windows got smashed a couple of times, locks broken off, damadge to the paintwork in doing so etc.

Sounds horrible. I think it would be worse if it was your home though, in what they get, and the feeling of invasion of personal space?

Courierdriver, that sounds tough, but slightly funny too! A Couch!! Must have come from a nearby skip?


It was one of the funniest misfortunes I've ever had and people still laugh when I recount the story. I don't think you'll find too-many people who have to remove living-room furniture, to accomplish an ordinary, daily commute to work
. The couch was used as a battering ram to gain access to my alarmed car. When the horn went off, it most-likely scared them off.
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I think you should move to a different town !!!!!!!!!!

The incidents I mentioned took place in 2 different cities; one large and one small over the span of many years. I'm of the opinion that it doesn't matter where you live anymore; there are always going to be those that want something you have, or are just looking for a vindictive-way to get their jollies. Sometimes it's not even about the stuff for certain crimminals; sometimes it's just about taking out their anger and boredom on someone else's property. I don't think running to a different city or town will guarantee a crime-free Utopia. Besides, I like where I live and don't intend to leave just because a few a**holes think they have the power to screw with my quality of life
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I didn't think Canada has much crime. Now you know why many of us Gringos pack heaters.
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courierdriver, s**t man, well atleast you can look bad and say you have had some....interesting experiences during your life.

And ofcourse, sorry about your loses.
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A few years ago I had an older Civic hatchback the locks on it where terrible. A determined child could break into this car. I had a CD player stolen, a pair of infinity kappa’s and my school bag which contained $300-$400 worth of electronic tools and text books.
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When I was about 10, I left my bike on the front lawn and forgot about it. It was stolen.

I think that has been my worst case scenario, but sorry for those who have been less fortunate.
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A week ago my car - smashed window, destroyed dash and heat/air control and center console all to get a 12 year old cd player worth about (maybe) $20. They found, but left behind 14 cd's - worth about $60 used, and misc. other items worth about (used) $50

screw*ing Idiots.
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A week ago my car - smashed window, destroyed dash and heat/air control and center console all to get a 12 year old cd player worth about (maybe) $20.

Went through something very similar. Parked behind a starbucks cos there was no parking available up front, in the 5 minutes i went to get coffee, someone broke the window on my miata, ripped off the Sony Stereo, and for some reason left the cd inside it lying around.

I guess it wouldve been much worse if they had ripped the top off (its a Miata), as that wouldve cost me a lot more, but man was I pissed!
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Well my house got broken into 2 weeks ago. Lost 2 laptops, my e500s and nwz-a818. The store that replaces stuff from my insurance company offered me Bose IEMs as a replacement for my e500s...
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Originally Posted by frozncore /img/forum/go_quote.gif
offered me Bose IEMs as a replacement for my e500s...

and you told them to **** themselves?
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I've had my car stolen. It was later recovered, sans its rear view mirror (I had a huge blind spot, so it was one of those long jobs).

Several years later, I had my steering wheel (!) stolen. The good news was that the job was apparently pulled off by "professionals" - the car was broken into cleanly, they didn't damage anything, and they even locked the car! I didn't even notice anything was amiss until I unlocked the car and realized something wasn't quite right...
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I have had thousands stolen back in the day in terms of car audio gear, alarms armed and all.

Worst I have suffered is a pair HP-1000 headphones I had owned from new, custom titanium carrying case, Melos Sha1 Amp which was upgraded, and a D-555 Discman modded as well. This gear was stolen out of my BMW where the thief had electronically disabled my car by shocking and killing the entire electronics. My M3's trunk was ruined in the attempt to pry the trunk open, the car was totaled as result. I was visiting a terminally ill aunt and was planning on having her monitor some actual sound down recordings that she helped gather years ago which were priceless and from reel to reel 3/4" analog. The recordings were ranged from early Elvis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Beatles, to Joan Baez..none were ever released, they were actual sound downs prior to being produced by any engineers or recording studios. Heart breaking, as I was turned away by security trying to bring the gear into the hospital and accompanying a note which authorized the utilization of the very gear I had stolen out of the protected underground parking facility. My aunt studied voice for 35 years and worked many shows with sound crews and not as an engineer; the recordings were transfers from her own time and work experience, and the setup I was trying to help bring light to her remaining days in the hospital through the emotion of good music.


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