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Shure SE215 vs MEE audio Pinnacle P1

  1. fragile
    Has anyone using SE215s tried a pinnacle P1?
    So far I've owned SE215s and E2c before that. I kind of like the SE215's sound signature.
    I've a little more budget this time and am thinking of the P1.
    But reviews seem to state the that the bass there isn't very impactful. (I don't know compared to what... my comparision
    point would be the SE215.  So looking for inputs from people who have had the chance to try both).
    Another area that I'm worried about is that the P1s are supposed to be power hungry. I intend to use it mostly
    with my mobile phones (Currently lenovo k3 note), I wonder if it would be able to drive the P1s well. Again,
    in comparision to how se215 sounds with mobile phones.
    Given that the body of P1 is metallic, I suppose they would be more durable than the SE215.
    What about the cable? My SE215 cables, almost always seem to go bad in about a year.

  2. Podster
    I own both and no contest as well it should not be when you compare or are comparing a $99 (got mine for $40) to a $199 one.

    Does not take 5 minutes into the P1 to realize that:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. willywill
    The P1 are not for you, they are very hard to drive. There are other earphone that go against the SE215 like the Audio-Technica ATH-E40, Fender DXA1, and RHA will replace the very popular MA750 with the new CL750
  4. pieman3141
    The CL750s seem to be even harder to drive. The P1's difficulty is overrated, IMO. With an iPhone, I can drive the to maximum acceptable volume at around 70%, without any weakness in the frequency response.
  5. willywill
    My fault i forgot RHA went big this year anyway the MA750 is a step up from the SE215, you can pick one up at a Apple Retail Store
  6. fragile
    Yes, ofcourse, I realize that I'm comparing a $99 earphone with a $199 one. But I do not think that the greater price automatically means better performance for the way I use it.
    Since, you own both, your comments will be valuable. Do you use your P1 with a mobile phone? Does this also mean that you rarely go back to the SE215?
  7. Podster
    I have to agree with pieman as I also run my P1's through my iPone6 to very acceptable levels but like you I would run these for different occasions. I still wear my 215's while doing things outside and my P1 is for inside listening pretty much:beers:
  8. fragile

    Is that because se215 has better isolation?
  9. pieman3141
    The P1's isolation can vary depending on which tips you're using. I tried some Shures any years ago, and found that they were very isolating.
  10. Podster

    I think a lot of people fair better with 215 because of it's weight, the P1 is a heavy shell which for me since I wear all my iem's over ear don't really suffer seal release do to jarring or movement. For musical enjoyment the P1 is in my top 5[​IMG]
  11. fonkepala
    No contest for me. I'm selling my SE215 in favor of the Pinnacle P1 due mainly to the fact that my right ear hurts like heck after using the Se215. Tried different angles, tips, positioning etc all to no avail.
  12. Zenbun
    So which one has better isolation? The P1 or the SE215?

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