Shure SE110K/210K
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Feb 24, 2008
Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards here =].

I've been recently looking to purchase some high quality headphones. Right now I'm currently using Skullcandy buds. They're OK, but I want something much more.

I've been currently looking at the Shure SE110K's or the SE210K's. I'm interested in either of these because I can get them very cheap at the store that I work at, so I'm hoping to stay with these. I've heard the bass is kind of weak, yet it gets better if you use the yellow foam inserts instead of the ones included with them.

I was just wondering what in your opinion would be a better deal, to get the SE110K's, or just go up to the SE210K's for an extra $25, and how the bass will be (I love bass, but not overwhelming).

Thanks for you help!

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