Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones
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I am pondering buying the custom in ear tips like yours, but I think I will probably just have Santa bring me them. Even after months of having the KSE1200 I'm still surprised by how realistic the sound is, especially that first song after not listening for a day or two.
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When I tried to put my KSE1500 earphones in today (right side), I heard a hard beating from the earphone like a lot of air was getting moved around. However, after pulling it out, inspecting it, and pushing both earphones in fully, the beating stopped, and they sounded normal. I hadn't listened to them in a while, and I have been straining to hear any differences in the sound signature from before and after the beating incident.

It doesn't help that my earphones had just hit a hardwood floor, moments before putting them in. I am now paranoid that that they were damaged somehow.

Is it possible for the sound to be slightly off because of damage? Or would the deterioration of sound quality always be quite noticeable? Right now, I think any slight weirdness in the sound I am noticing may be more psychological than physical. However, I thought it would be worth asking if anyone else noticed this hard beating when putting their KSE1500 earphones in.
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The bass (especially sub-bass) does appear weaker now that I listen closely to some tracks... but I may be overthinking it.
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The bass (especially sub-bass) does appear weaker now that I listen closely to some tracks... but I may be overthinking it.
Might be worth contacting shure to see what they say
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hiby r8 to kse1200 is such a great combo :)
What tips are recommened to use with the kse1200. I'm using stock but the left hand side never feels fully secure
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I like the Acoustune AET16, though the Comply/Shure foam tips provide better fit for me, I just like how KSE1200 sounds with silicone tips. I do think the Dekoni tips are also pretty good as far as foam tips go, minimal detail loss.
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Hi all, I am using yellow shure tips with my kse1200, although I am happy with those, any suggestion on better matching tips? I also used oratory harman eq but I’d rather keep them stock, for those who enjoy a different eq, could this please be shared? Thanks in advance!
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I use the triple flange tips, but I trim the stem by a couple millimeters so it's even with the largest flange.
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Although not the most comfortable, the Shure yellow foam tips are performing the best for me. I just bought another pack of 10.
Same here. I've tip rolled the KSE so much and always come back to these. It's just a shame they don't last very long. Have to keep buying them.
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Might be worth contacting shure to see what they say
I'm happy to report that after listening to them over a week-long trip, I cannot discern any weirdness in the sound. It must have been psychological all-along.
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KSE1200SYS owners—do you find that your amp's volume knob has very little resistance and that it is easy to accidentally nudge the volume up or down when the amp is in your pocket? I'm scared of blowing my eardrums out by increasing the volume too high.

Apart from putting a silicon band around the volume knob to keep it more firmly in place, the only other method I can think of is to reduce my source's gain so that when the amp's gain is maxed out, it doesn't sound too loud.

What have people done to address this issue?
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