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Shure KSE1500 Review - Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphones

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  1. jude Administrator

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.

    Produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla

    In this episode of Head-Fi TV we give you a first look at the new Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphone System being launched in Tokyo ahead of the Fujiya Avic Tokyo Headphone Festival.

    In my opinion, the Shure KSE1500 may be the most significant high-end product launch in our part of the audio world since the Sennheiser HD 800. It is remarkable.

    2016-01-17 16:28 EST UPDATE: Some are finding that the input sensitivity of the KSA1500 amp is quite high, and, as a result, some are experiencing distortion from input clipping. The KSA1500 provides has an easy fix built into it (the input pad), and I posted instructions on how to enable it--and tips/tricks related to this--which you can read by clicking on the following link:

    Products mentioned in the video:
    1. Shure KSE1500 Sound Isolating Electrostatic Earphone System
    2. Stax SR-009 electrostatic headphone
    3. Stax SR-002 electrostatic headphone
    4. KOSS ESP950 electrostatic headphone
    5. Sennheiser Orpheus electrostatic headphone system
    6. Shure 55 Unidyne Vocal Microphone microphone
    7. Shure SM58 vocal microphone
    8. Shure MOTIV MV88 iOS-compatible stereo condenser microphone
    9. Stax SR-L700 electrostatic headphone
    10. Stax SRM-007t electrostatic headphone
    11. Schiit Audio Yggdrasil multibit DAC with closed-form filter
    12. Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit multibit DAC
    13. Chord Electronics Hugo TT desktop DAC/amp
    14. Chord Electronics Mojo portable DAC/amp

    We will occasionally post Q&A episodes of Head-Fi TV. If you want to submit any questions (or comments), you can do so via email to tv@head-fi.org.
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    I can already tell that I've just GOT to have this!  [​IMG]
    Jude, quick question on the power requirements... is it possible to charge the DAC/amp via 5V?  IOW, can I use a standard USB power bank to extend its battery life on-the-go?  Or would I need to get somewhere to use a wall wart of some kind?
  3. HiFiGuy528
    Whoa! didn't see this coming from Shure!
  4. ezekiel77
    There were whispers about it in the SE846 thread, wow so now it's official.
  5. Feilong4
    I wonder if this was what they were teasing on their Instagram..
  6. MrBucket
    Wish I could hear it, but I'm definitely not going to be in Japan anytime soon :p
  7. ezekiel77
    "...to my ears, it is simply the best-sounding, most resolving in-ear headphone ever..."

    Just quoting verbatim.

    So, wow. It's got my attention.
  8. darinf
    Man, I can't wait to hear these. 
    No mention of price? Seems like the rumor is that they're going to be $3K in the US: http://www.head-fi.org/t/675219/shure-se846-impressions-thread/12975#post_12011815
    Can anyone confirm?
    It looks like Music Direct had them posted for pre-order at $2999 USD and available on November 30th. But it's gone now.
  9. wormsdriver
  10. joshuachew
  11. Lieon

    $2999 USD
  12. audionewbi
    Iem alone 2k, amp/dac which is required is 999, altogether, you can do the maths.
  13. ForShure
    By God they've done it. That's amazing that they engineered electrostatic technology into such a tiny package.
  14. jude Administrator
    The price of the KSE1500 is $2999. It is a system, so that price includes the amp/DAC module and, of course, the earphones.

    Shure also announced the Shure SHA900 today, which is an amp/DAC for standard headphones that has the same parametric equalizer as the KSE1500's amp module. The SHA900 is $999. Truth be told, they've both been here, but I haven't been able to put the KSE1500 down long enough to say much about the SHA900 yet. I'll be saying more about the SHA900 later.
    kalbee and Lieon like this.
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