Shure e5c + iPod + portable amp???
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Oct 4, 2001
Is anybody here listening to Shure e5c's out of an iPod? If so, do you use an amplifier? I just got my Shure's today and to me they sound pretty darn good straight out of the iPod, with plenty of volume, but I'm wondering if others have stories to tell about how some of the better quality portable amplifiers (like the Hornet, etc) make them sound even better.

(By the way, I encode my mp3's using high quality settings).
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Jun 8, 2005
To my ears, Ipod>Line Out Dock (pocketdock,turbodock,etc)>amp>e5c sounds best.

Without an amp its nice because the form factor is small and easy to carry.

With amps and lineout device, I hear better bass, more clarity, better soundstage, you know, all the usual HeadFi goodies that makes your wallet hate you.

When you're really ready to get the most out e5c, go with digital output source to dac and amp combo, and then they will really shine, much better than with Ipod alone.

With Xin SM3 Bass Boost, I just go stupid with the bass.
Then, in a minute or two, when I'm normal again, I just shut it off. Like I said, it's really fun in a stupid kind of way, but the e5c's really shine with bass heavy music. They're not perfect but I really like them a lot.
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Jan 31, 2004
I ran an E5c straight out of a 2nd and 3rd generation iPod (by the time I got the 4th gen I had moved on to custom IEM.)

I thought the E5c straight out of the iPod sounded great. But I did upgrade to the SR-71 and man, after that, I couldn't go back to life without an amp.

Is it absolutely 100% night and day difference? No. But it just tightens the sound, gives it more presence. Gives the treble a very nice sparkle.

Though at the time, I was spending a lot of time commuting in taxis and trains, so I could spend lots of time with the portable rig. Now, my commutes are a lot shorter. So I'm quite happy with just my Shure E4c straight out of an iPod Video.

Congrats man, the E5c straight out of the iPod is an excellent rig. Served me well for months. If you decide to upgrade, great. It does sound better, and is very rewarding if you do. If you don't, well, you've just about hit the point of dimishing returns, in terms of $ to performance. You can get more performance, but it will cost a disporportionate amount of $ to get it.



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