Shure E500 longevity?
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Mar 6, 2007

After quite a bit of reading, I've set my eye on a E500.
But considering that these cost quite a bit, I have a question about their durability.
What can one reasonably expect about how long a pair of these will last, if:

-attention is paid to handle them as carefully as possible (replacing into case whenever not used, no chugging on cord, etc)
-no manufacturing problems on that particular item
-used for indoor listening in a lying/sitting position 90%+ of the time

Since they are so expensive, it would be a shame if they broke down shortly after the warranty has expired or something like that, I would like to get 4+ years out of these at the very least.
Is this realistically attainable?

Since these are still quite new, I surmise no really long term use can be shown, but how are your current sets holding up?
Input about older Shure models is very welcome too, thanks!
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In these conditions any earphones shouldn't break down

I have been using E500's for about 4 moths. I hardly ever keep them in case and they are like new. They seem to be really durable, but you have to watch out for nozzle: comparing to E3c's nozzle is quite long and it's easy to break it. Just change sleeves, if you need to and everything should be alright.
It's hard to tell, how long will they last: my E3c's after half year were in perfect condition, but suddenly one earphone started to play silently... They are on the way to Shure service in USA (In Poland they didn't take them to their service despite INTERNATIONAL warranty :/, I had to send them to USA)
I think it's matter of luck. If you are lucky, E500 will last at least 10 years
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I think you also have to be quite careful about how you take them in and out of your ears.

Before I had mine modded, the rubber cover that protects the part where the cord connects to the body of the IEM, separated. My guess is that I would use that part of the IEM to pull it out of my ears and after a while, it simply came apart.
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I've had the E500 since they first shipped from TTVJ last year and had no problems with them so far (knock on wood). I haven't baby-ed them or carelessly thrown them in my laptop case. I just wind them up around my fingers into a neat loop and put 'em back in their case when I'm done listening to them.

I look at it another way: if I'm spending this much on a quality piece of audio gear, I might as well use it as often and enjoy them when I can. Good luck and hope this helps. The E500s sound great and are the best IEMs I own.
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i had a pair of e3c's for about 18 months and after one year of usage in the worst possible conditions (exercise, wrap around ipod and tossed in backpack, sleep with tossing and turning, etc...), one of the nozzel tip broke off... however, since it's plastic, a little crazy glue and it's back to normal. but with the type of wear and tear that my e3c's got, it's suppose to crack!

but other than that, i think the build quality by shure is excellent. there was nothing wrong with the cables or drivers. if you just put them in a case when you're not using it, then you should be fine.
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I actually accidently put my E500s in the washer and dryer when doing laundry, and when they came out, with the exception of a few scratches, they seem to work just fine. I was amazed, this tells you the incredible quality of construction of these.
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Thanks for your replies, looks like I don't have anything to worry about then.

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