Should I Go Rockbox?
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Dec 6, 2006
Hi guys,
I have a 5.5G 30G Ipod. The main reason i'm looking into 3rd party FW is because the Apple FW doesn't show other tag info like bitrate, year, and such...

I really like the Original interface, it's simple and classy. Rockbox interface seems complicated. Is there a Apple theme for the ROckbox?

And is the audio quality better with the ROckbox?

SO should i go ROckbox?
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WpsGallery < Main < TWiki


Rockbox Themes

for any themes you want to check out.

As for audio quality, there is no difference compared to the Apple OS; rather, there are vastly more options that are available to tweak the sound.

I gave up Rockbox after Apple went gapless; the low battery life and clunky startup/charging ways were also major factor in my leaving it.
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If you do not need a complicated EQ, or if you want good battery life, don't rockbox it. If you just want the ipod to look cool, get Ipod wizard can download a skin for it.
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What about crossfade...I love that! (not crossfeed)

There are a lot of cool things that Rockbox offers but it'll take some time playing around to figure it all out.
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Short answer is - just try it and find out! Really simple...

Beyond that you can 'dual boot' both versions of the firmware anyway - it's not like the original Apple firmware is cleared and replaced, so you can restart your iPod at any stage running either Rockbox or Apple firmware.
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I Rockboxed my iRiver 120....never regretted it - RB is a *superb* piece of kit w/ tons of options over and above the original, as poo said, you can dual-boot anytime. Win-win!
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Why not give it a try and make up your own mind?
Its installed in a matter of minutes (if you are running MS Windows that is), and can be restored in even shorter time..
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I agree you should definitely try it out for yourself. I personally couldn't stand the interface so I removed it, which was pretty easy if I recall.

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