Should I get V6's for metal?
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Dec 24, 2007
Ok, so I need closed headphones that sound good with metal, and are around $100.

Right now, I'm considering getting Sony MDR-V6's. What do you think? Should I stick with these or go with something else?

Also, are there any mods for the V6's that I should know about?


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Seriously, though, the V6's have among the harshest sounding mid-to-high range that I've ever heard. I can't think of a headphone more unsuitable for listening to metal, unless you like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

Better alternatives that come to mind would be the Audio-Technica A500, Beyerdynamic DT231, and Sennheiser HD280pro (a little dull sounding, but still much better than the V6).
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I always keep a pair of V6 around -- they are really good cans -- even at 3 times the price, they would be worth it.
In MY opinion, of course. YMMV
The V6, and Denon D2000, also, will work with *any* of my wide variety of music, with no problem, and sound great -- music with too much bass, or too much highs, still is listen-able with these two cans.
And I used to play metal, and still listen to some of it.
If your hearing is super-sensitive to highs, then maybe you should go for a darker can, with rolled-off highs.
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problem is, I'm 15, and a little stripped for cash, so unfortunately I can have an extra pair of v6's laying around.

plus the d2000's are like $350; and by me saying that my budget is $100, I mean like 60-70 on ebay.

Any other suggestions plz?
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I used the V6's for years and think they are alot of fun for metal, but for a $100 pair of phones I'd go for the Audio Technica ATH-M50's. They list for 150 but you can get them new on ebay for $100.

Ask your parents for 30 more bucks

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