Should I get the M50x?
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Feb 25, 2014
Are the ATH-m50X any good? Speaker went out on my SOL Republic Master Tracks, and was going to return them for those. Would be an even exchange. Also have the Pro700MK2 coming today in the mail.
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If you already have the Pro700MK2 coming, why even get the ATH-M50X headphones?
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The ATH-M50X are bassy headphones, so you end up with two bassy headphones.
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  Need to pick up another set off of the warranty from the SOL Republics from the Kansas City Microcenter

How much store credit are you getting for the SOL?
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Microcenter headphones are over priced, for some models.
Maybe get the G4ME ONES and sell them for cash?

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