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Should I change speakers to monitors?

  1. tcortinag
    Soooo, long story short...I bought 8 years ago the Bose Companion 3 series II speakers (since I had store credits and didn't have to pay anything really) because I needed something to connect to my TV, laptop, cell phone, etc, since I had nothing else yet.

    I wanted to upgrade my audio gear (mainly used for music and some gaming), so I bought the Audio-Technica M40x's, this are reaaaaaally nice, I like them a lot, but since I use my PC to stream music from Spotify (no FLAC or other lossless format yet), I hear some hiss and static noise I didn't like. Because of this, I bought an DAC/AMP: Fx-Audio DAC x6, should arrive today, so no test/hearing yet.

    So now, to the tittle...should I replace Bose speakers with studio monitors? I really never was impressed whatsoever with the Bose, but would the DAC can imply an improvement or go straight with the monitors?

    My options for the monitors are:
    M-Audio AV32
    Mackie CR3
    Presonus Eris 3.5
    Edifier R1280DB
    Pioneer DJ DM-40 (not studio monitors-kind, thou).

    I know there are a lot of other options, but this ones are the only ones available to me.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. tcortinag
    I've received the DAC/Amp on Friday and I must say that it's a big diffrence from onboard audio to this, paris really well with M40x's, more than pleased with the change.

    However, regarding the speakers, I didn't quite hear an improvement and I was wondering what could be the best option for replacement:

    Active Monitors (any of the above options)


    FX-Audio X6 (headhphones go to this) -> SMSL SA-36 -> Micca MB42
  3. buke9
    Don’t know your amp but looking at specs seems to have very good power. Having not heard any of the monitors you listed I still would probably go with that unles you are listening in a large room. The rca outputs will go to most of the powered monitors I’ll let others say which they have heard and like.
  4. GREQ
    Havn't heard any of those monitors, but they all look a bit on the weedy side.
    Some smaller monitors like these can push out deceptively large amounts of bass for their size, but I mean it simply by the physical size of the woofers; it's not physically possible for them to compete with the Bose 2.1 system with sub.
    So if you bought any of them, you might immediately feel an extreme lack of sub-bass, at the expense of superior mid-range/treble clarity (compared to the Bose).

    I'm not saying you should go for speakers with (6" or) 8" woofers, not everyone has the space or need for it and you might also find that 4" woofers push enough air to satisfy you, especially so if it's just at the PC/desk.

    I can't really give any sane recommendations since I'm using Yamaha NS-615B's at my desk, which is probably overkill, and I still want to get a sub-woofer at some point.
  5. buke9
    Good point what is it that did not impress you that much with the Bose?
  6. tcortinag

    Thanks for the replies, in regards to Bose, those sound loud and as you mention, bass is more than enough, I bought this because I wanted something to easy connect to my TV, cell phone, laptop, etc. and that fill the room back then. Later I bought an A/V unit and speakers for movies, PC gaming/music, but then the Bose have no good clarity for me, the sound ok, but I like a more balanced sound, don't care about a boomy woofer, so that's why I would like something that has more "spark" in all range even if it's not that loud or bassy.

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