Shorter Cable for Senn HD 15-SP II
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May 2, 2006
I have a set of Senn HD 15-SP II cans that I work out with and the cable is ungodly long. Can anyone recommend a cable with a 90 degree plug and less than 1.5m long? Also..the leads to the ear cups have to be the same length, as this model doesn't have the single side routing like the real HD 25s.
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I think you mean the HD25-SP?
I replaced mine with this one about four years ago (for the same reasons) and it's been great.
Doesn't have the angled plug, but does come with the screw-lock adapter, which i found to be more important.

Note the HD25SP isn't listed in the compatible models, but it does use the same plugs and works great.
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Yes, HD 25... Fat fingers. The plugs on those are different then the ones on the SP IIs. Will they work?
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Yes, they do.
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