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Apr 15, 2005
Has anyone had the chance to listen to this?

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Never heard of it. Looks interesting though. Especially the Shek H1 which fulfills my needs easily. The price is about the same the iBasso D1. But too bad it uses USB 1.0
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I have a d1 and h1 and love them. Warm, musical, typical NOS sound.

My only complaint would be the d1 lights up like a christmas tree so if you're going to use it bed side it has to be unplugged when not in use.

Do a search and a couple of other people have the d1 and are very happy, claiming it rivals much more expensive dacs and even having custom power supplies made for them.

I don't think the h1 uses usb 1 - I never noticed anything about that - in any case it sounds good.
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I believe all USB DACs that dont use proprietary drivers, use USB 1, that spec has more than enought bandwidth for 16bit stereo sound signals. Its not something that should worry you. You need USB 2 if you are talking about a recording soundcard or something of the sort, which would possibly be full-duplex, hi sampling freq and more than 2 channels.

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