Settings on Halo and LDMK III
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Feb 20, 2008
I will be building a new computer by Friday and I'm wondering what would (in your opinion) work best for sound quality when going from the HT Omega Claro Halo sound card to the Little-Dot Mark III amp? The Halo has its own built in headphone amplifier and my headphones of choice are Sennheiser HD600s.

Would I set the sound card to 300ohm output and set the amp to 300 ohm output or what? I was under the impression that amplifying what's already amplified exposes holes that were not necessarily obvious earlier, so IDK. (I'm using computer soundcard ---> amp ---> headphones only)
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I don't know too much about the Omega HT series, but I think you either want to use the build in HP amp, or the external amp. Does the card have line-level outputs? You would probably want to use those to connect to the external amp.

Double amping just makes little sense to me. I could be wrong though.

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