setting up digital/wireless home system with Airport Express...need an amp/dac
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May 2, 2009
Hey ya'll!

My partner and I are buying our first house very soon...WOOHOO! I just bought some awesome speakers from Canuck_57 (Dynaco A25s, and Paradigm 5se). I have all my tunes ripped as Apple Lossless, and I want to set up speakers in my living room with an Airport Express to stream my audio files. I'm going to be needing a stereo amp, and stereo DAC with optical input.

I've been looking on eBay mostly. I really like the look of the YAQIN stereo amplifiers. They have a lot of tube amps, which I like. They even have a hybrid! I can do a local pickup if I buy one. There's a TON of DACs on ebay, mainly Chinese made (which I'm not opposed to). I've read very good things about the KECES DAC. I also found this:

DAC-01 tube Decoders/headphone/preamplifier/optical/USB on (item 220475846427 end time 10-Sep-09 21:50:27 EDT)

I want to keep the stereo amp and DAC under $400-500 each preferably.

Thanks everyone!
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Jun 30, 2007
There are a lot of great DACs at $500 range. Personally, I am not comfortable ordering anything above $100 from ebay. There are several that are reliable and great (MHDT). But I'd go with more reputable dealers if I were you.

1. CIAudio VDA-2 is great small DAC.
2. Audio-GD Compass is also nice one.

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