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Setting Up An ABX Test + Simple Guide to Ripping, Tagging & Transcoding

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  1. tonally_challenged
    Regardless of if you can hear the difference I don't understand why you would bother transcoding today with 128GB microSD cards available cheaply.
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Because here in NZ if I want to take my entire library with me in FLAC I’d need about 300GB (all my music is legally paid for too) - which would set me back 300-400 NZD. Or I can put it on a single 64Gb sdxc card in aac256 - and if I transcode properly I can’t tell the difference.

    That leaves me more money to buy music :)
  3. amirm
    No. If you want to learn to hear differences, start at very low bit rate and work your way up. That way you will hear the artifacts clearly and then know what to listen for in higher bit rates.

    Alas, think about whether you do want to learn to hear artifacts as they will stay with you forever. :) What didn't bother you before, will now.

    As to CBR vs VBR, always use VBR unless your player can't handle the peaks that VBR creates. This used to be a problem years ago but should not be this day and age. With VBR, the codec is free to raise the bit rate as much as it needs to keep quality constant. With CBR quality varies while the bit rate is kept constant. In this day and age, there is little reason to use CBR.
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  4. guisess93
    my player currently is my laptop. Can it handle VBR?
  5. HungryPanda
    Of course it would with any audio software
  6. amirm
    With ease. Computers have infinitely more horsepower than say, a portable audio player. They have been able to do so for some 15+ years so you are good even if your computer is very old.

    The way you know it can't handle it is if it stutters in the middle of playing the content reliably. That is, if it happens once, play it again as sometimes your computer could be too busy due to other reasons.
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