Setting up 2.1 Speakers w/ Jotunheim

  1. cossix
    I will be getting some JBL LSR305 monitors soon and was hoping to get a powered subwoofer also, but am unsure of how these all would connect. I understand that the 305 is powered, so they just take a balanced or SE output from the Jot, but what about the sub? Would I connect the sub to the single ended pre-out of the Jot while the LSR are connected to the balanced pre-out? I don't quite see another way of doing this unless I go single ended and purchase a splitter so I could have 2 pairs of outputs.
  2. Music Alchemist
    Just connect the Jotunheim to the subwoofer, then connect the subwoofer to the LSR305s. Which cables you need (XLR, RCA, etc.) will depend on the subwoofer.
  3. cossix
    So the easiest way to do it is simply to buy a sub with passthrough? I suppose that would eliminate the need to worry about having a low-pass filter for the sub. Thanks!
  4. Music Alchemist
    Yes, that's the way most are connected. But you can still use the filter to have the sub handle all frequencies under a certain amount, which can improve the sound quality of the speakers.

    Which subs are you looking at?

    The LSR305 extends to 43 Hz in the specs, but can go deeper than that; it just rolls off dramatically. I did wish I had a sub for it at times, but only with a small number of tracks. You may be impressed with how well it handles bass even without a sub.

    Did you get speaker stands? Those greatly improved the sound for me.
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  5. cossix
    I'm definitely holding off on the sub until I actually try out the speakers, for obvious reasons. I haven't looked at subs yet but if anything, I'd just want something along the same price as the speakers and not over the top.

    I haven't planned out speaker stands yet because I'm not going to be back at my home where my setup is, until the end of the month and my desk is already too crowded with gear to be able to make a premature decision on stands as they might not fit well. I'd obviously get rid of the cheap speakers in the picture (Don't mind the 650 box, it is the only shot I have of my current desk setup): 20170323_153034.jpg

    By stands, do you just mean some kind of vibration-resistant pad? I'd definitely get a pair when I pull the trigger on the speakers but I wouldn't need anything height adjustable.

    The other thing I have to worry about is the rear port. My desk is against a wall and pulling it away would be a hassle because of the countless wires that live back there, and a big gap would look awkward from the side, which is where the door to the room is located. Would I be OK to just put foam behind the port or would that not make much of a difference because the lower frequencies would be too powerful to be bothered by foam?
  6. Music Alchemist
    Here's one to consider:

    I meant actual stands. Here's a photo of mine. (Though I'm using floorstanding speakers now.)

    If you're putting them on a desk, you're going to be holding back the potential of the speakers, even if you use isolation pads.

    Just keep them as far away from the walls as you reasonably can. A foot or two is better than nothing.
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  7. theveterans
    Any home studio oriented subwoofer will have the Low pass filter and you can even set it from 80-120 Hz (Yamaha HS8S that I use). If you're interested in home theater subs, you can still use by connecting them through Jotunheim's RCA port (usually left channel) then have the XLRs for your JBL speakers
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  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you get a pro monitoring subwoofer they have an input that runs the signal through an L-Pad circuit - it takes a copy of the signal to go into its low pass filter then sends it back out to get the fullrange signal to monitors. Some of them can apply a high pass filter (fixed or variable, depends on the model) to the signal going to the monitors. Both will be controlled by the preamp, although you have to set a gain level for the sub and monitors that will basically have them matched to your preference at the widest range of movement on the main preamp.
  9. cossix
    Perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping the case would be.
  10. cossix
    I may actually try stands if I find a spot for my pc to go (it's on the left side of my desk on a small floor stand). It's be nice to keep them off the desk if possible so that may be an option
    Perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping the case would be! Now all I have to do is get some sub research done in case I decide to add one
  11. buke9
    There are also desktop stands. The height of the speakers means a lot for sound. The tweeter should be a eye level for the best imaging along with spacing.

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