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Sennheiser MX 985 for 72$ ?

  1. NinjaZg
    Haven't found many reviews of 985, mostly 980 but from what I gather, these earbuds are a steal for this price?
    A little background.
    I've been using Sennheiser MX460 for years with a short period using Sony MDR-AS30(jack broke).
    Used it with iRiver T10 and recently Samsung Galaxy Note 2, listening mostly to metal and rock while walking or riding the public transportation.
    I really dislike in-ear monitors, don't like the feeling so only earbuds and behind the neck headphones are an option for me.
    Can I get something better than MX 985 in this price range, ~70$, or should I run to the store and snatch them? :)
  2. NinjaZg
    Anyone? :)
  3. Sleep Mode zZ
    Go for it.
    Then you will know what Sennheisers best earbud sounds like.
    I got the OMX 980 a little while ago for a equally cheap price. Previously my favourite earbud was the MX 470. I paid about double for the OMX 980 compared to the MX 470. It is well worth the price difference. Better bass and bigger soundstage.
    If you don't get it, you probably get curious later when there is no good deals available.
  4. juggos
    Hi, I was wondering what store were selling these for this price? Thanks.
  5. autoexec
  6. royunprofiled
    Seriously dude, can you buy and ship one for me ?
  7. NinjaZg
    Check your inbox.
  8. JJH2204
    Ninja, did you pick up a pair of these?
    Could you please pass on some info where you saw them at this price (I would love to grab a pair!! :)
  9. NinjaZg
    An update since I've been getting a lot of PMs.
    I did pick up a pair of these and they are mind blowing.
    The source isn't anywhere online but a local store in my city, Zagreb, Croatia and they currently do not have any in stock.
    JJH2204 likes this.

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