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Sennheiser Momentum - Product Review

  1. shaun_g


    Natural materials, modern look and superior sound combine in the Momentum to create the perfect headphones for style conscious music enthusiasts.


    Lightweight design, attractive looks, very comfortable fit and fantastic build quality.


    Larger than some would like as a portable headphone, also doesn’t fold.

    In-Depth Review


    Sennheiser's new Momentums are a stylish model designed to look and feel good in any situation. Dark brown leather and black leather with red stitching, are the two available colour ways.


    The looks of the Momentum are very engaging, handsome with beautiful quality leather pads and headband. The design looks modern enough but has classic elements too – Sennheiser have been very successful in creating a desirable object. They feel very comfortable, due to the very best quality leather being used, but stay put well considering clamping force is minimal.

    Included peripherals

    Included in the momentum box is a headphone cable with smart controls, a second standard headphone cable, an attractive hard carrying case and 6.35mm jack adapter.


    Not only great for wearing in the home using with your Hifi set up, the computer or with the TV but they are also small enough to make a great commuting or travel headphone. They come with a protective carry case which also has space for other portable audio equipment. Compact headphones you would want to take everywhere!

    Describe the sound

    So are the Momentums all looks and expensive leather? The short answer is no. Sennheiser have worked just as hard on the sound as well as the looks and come up with a comfortable yet fun sound which is on the right side of relaxed. Plenty of detail and instrument separation in the sound but they never step into fatiguing territory, soundstage is short but imaging impressive for the size of the cups. This sound fits very well with the target group of commuters and business travellers who will use them. It’s certainly not boring, tons of bottom end is there when needed, bass drums have a satisfying thump without ever kicking you in the eardrum. Altogether the sound is warm and smooth without becoming sluggish – a hard balance to find!


    Few headphones offer the same luxury in this travel size. Look at the Beyerdynamic DT1350, Ultrasone Edition 8, Focal Spirit One or Parrot Zik.


    Product Information

    Product Type - Closed Back Portable Audiophile Headphones
    Price at the time of review - £259.99
    Product Link - Buy Sennheiser Momentum

    source: Sennheiser Momentum Review - Portable Headphones - HiFi Headphones | Headphone Reviews & News Blog from HiFi Headphones
  2. NA Blur
    Do you feel that the sub-bass area is a bit accentuated causing some music to be a bit piercing and direct?  That was my experience listening to the Momentum via iPod touch.  Taking a look at the frequency response curves the only thing I can see that might be what I am hearing is the lack of a drop off after 1 kHz where the ear is quite sensitive.
    Anyone else hear this?  It made the headphone quite fatiguing.
    Sennheiser Momentum
    Denon AH-D2000 for comparison:

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