Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wired vs Denon AH-MM400
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Nov 4, 2008
Hello all, long time lurker here.
Both seem to be two of the best closed hp's at the price point right now. Yet most posts seem to be about the wireless version of the M2, while the Denons have mostly gone unnoticed. Has someone heard both, so he could help compare them signature-wise?
Thanks in advance for any input!
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Resurrecting this because I have the same question.  Any input?  
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In case either of you is still wondering about this, a few quick thoughts: 
I used these headphones with my cell phone and my laptop, no amps or upgrade cables or anything. 
The Denons are more bass-heavy than the Sennheisers. The Sennheisers have a present bass, but they don't give you an earthshaking bass as readily as the Denons can. On the other hand, the Sennheisers sound really clear and detailed; I hear a lot of things that I’ve never notice before when I listen on them. The additional bass on Denons sounded kinda muddy to me sometimes. The Sennheisers handle panning/imaging really well. I honestly don’t remember how well the Denons did with panning, but I really notice it on the Sennheisers.
Both have fairly small earcups, but I think the Denon earcups are deeper; the Sennheisers touch my ears and can become uncomfortable after awhile, but I never had that problem with the Denons. The Denon earcups are nice and soft, and the headphones themselves feel very compact and light to me. The Denons headband has more padding than the Sennheisers does. 
Both headphones have kind of annoying proprietary cable connections. The Denons have an oval shaped connector on the headphone end, which limits your options for replacement cables. (There is this though:
The Sennheisers have a locking mechanism on the headphone side of their cable, which I don’t really understand the point of. The stock cable is more robust/less tangle-prone for the Sennheisers than it is for the Denons. 
The build of Denons feels more solid and “premium” to me than the Sennheisers. I like the wood on the earcups and they fold up very nicely. Size adjustments are in discrete units. 
The Sennheisers feel a little flimsier to me. The hinge looks at more risk of breaking. That said, I haven’t had any problems with it. The size adjustment mechanism is just a slider, so you can fine-tune it infinitely, but it’s less elegant than the Denons and I find it more awkward to adjust. 
The carrying case that comes with the Sennheisers has a little bit more shape/strength to it (it’s a stiff-ish foam, maybe neoprene?), so it feels more protective to me. The Denons just have a soft carrying bag. 
Hope that helps!

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