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Sennheiser headphone advice: HD598SR vs HD600 vs HD58X

  1. LovePiano

    I would like to buy an open back headphone for piano playing. As the headphone is for piano playing only, I would like to buy a neutral and clear headphone with less bass a possible.

    I have tried the HD598SR and HD600. I like the sound of HD600. Less bass, more clear and bright than the HD598SR.

    As HD 600 is quite expensive, I am considering to buy the 58X. However, according to reviews the 58X has more bass than HD600, but how would the bass extension be compared to HD 598SR?
    According to a review, the bass extension was as follows:
    HD58X > HD 660S > HD650 > HD 600.

    I live in Europe. The HD 58X costs EUR 190 including tax and shipping, while the HD600 is EUR 278.

    What would you advice me to buy? The HD58X or HD600.
  2. Suprmin
    If your willing to buy second hand, HD 600s can be found around $180-200 on EBay.
  3. serman005
    Have not heard an HD58X yet so can't comment first-hand on that. That said, I do own both the HD598SR and the HD600. Based on the fairly uniform reviews of the 58X bass reproduction and on my personal experience with the 598SR and the 600 (and my HD650 as well), I would think your best bet would be an HD600. The HD600 is harder to drive than the HD598SR, though--considerably so, so bear that in mind. Remember, though, it is very difficult to compare an HD598SR to an HD600 as far as bass goes without knowing what amp you will be using. 278 euros is not a bad price by USA standards, FWIW. 180 is even better."-)
  4. LovePiano
    Thanks for your help and responses. My digital piano does have a built in amp.

    I tried both (598SR and HD600) with the digital piano. The HD600 just sounds better..but it's above my initial budget....that's why I hoped that the HD 58x may be a good alternative....

    Someone else who was experience with the HD58x and HD600?
  5. 3StarJ.R.
    Hands downs the 600's are the better choice. Your talking the music industry recording standard since the mid 90's when they were introduced. But as mentioned above they are 300 ohm units, so your amp is got to be strong to drive them correctly. I have four used pairs, and would sell you one with new headband and ear-pads for around 215.00 Euro shipped. you pay the paypal fees. . If interested PM me....
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  6. LovePiano
    Thanks for your reply and offer.

    I saw I nice offer of a new HD600 today and have ordered one.
  7. 3StarJ.R.
    Good for you! you are going to enjoy the 600's.

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