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Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Oct 23, 2015.
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  1. TexasBuck
    From what I've read about the Sony Z1R, I think that would make an excellent complement to the HD800S.  (Just a very expensive one..lol) 
  2. daphen
    Sorry if this has been said 200 times already, but is the paint chipping problem still there on the S-model?
  3. Tentacles

    Mine's not very old, but it doesn't feel as though the paint is fragile so far.
  4. Randy Myers
    I love my HD800S.  I have not experience any chipping.  I also have a Wired 4 Sound Recovery in the USB path and a Remedy on the Coax path for Redbooks.  Amazing improvements.
  5. LarryMagoo
    Mine have about 300 hours on them and they show zero signs of wear....Unless you drag them across some rough tile floor, I'm not sure how you chip the paint.  Plus I have seen Videos of someone completely dismantling them and painting them....does not seem hard to do but hopefully unnecessary if you take care of them.
    Randy Myers....how did those additions improve your 800S?
  6. Whazzzup
    I am using AUDIOQUEST jitterbugs in my USB path to Hugo TT and hpa8
  7. Randy Myers
    The W4S Recovery is a reclocker for the USB path,  It adds Femto clock and really smooths and opens up the digital signal.  Sounds much more analog, Getting rid of any kind of digital glare.  Pretty amazing inexpensive product.  It does similar things as the Jitterbug just at a much higher level.  The Remedy is a reclocker for Coax and Optical signal path.  It is more expensive than the Recovery, but it does a fantastic job on Redbook CDs.  It also adds Femto clock and up-samples the CDs to 96 KHz.  Makes Redbooks sound perform as good as their high resolution counterparts.
    If your source sounds better the HD800S can reproduce it.  I find the HD800S are very revealing of lower quality sources, so these Wyred 4 Sound units really improve the headphones through improving the source.
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  8. daphen
    Yeah, I guess they're still kind of new, so chippings wouldn't have turned up yet. It just feels so bad that I might have to disassemble them in a year just to re-paint them.
    It would be nice if Sennheiser themselves went public and said that they're aware of the issue and that it has indeed been fixed with the 800 S.
  9. swspiers

    As far as we know, the "issue" affects a very small percentage of the headphones our there. I'm not sure how we could actually determine the defect rate...
  10. daphen
    Is that so?
    Looking through the marketplace here tells me otherwise. Since none of the sellers, basically, have no paint chips and Googling leads me to results where people claim they've been the only listener and have been keeping them in their box when not using them and still ended up with paint chips.. Gets me a bit worried.
    I think I'd shell out the extra money for the S-model if I was certain that the problem has been addressed.
  11. Rob80b
    Seeing that what appears to be black under the scratches and chips of the original 800s I’m not even sure the 800S are even painted.
    I’m not about the scrape mine to find out and no one to my knowledge has posted an incident but it appears Sennheiser have obviously addressed the issue…. time to shell out. [​IMG]
  12. pctazhp
    I've owned the S for 9 months and not a single chip or scratch. I haven't seen anyone mention chipping on the S as is pretty common with the Classic.
  13. daphen
    Not sure if that's black! :frowning2:
  14. Rob80b
    You’re absolutely right..I’m sure I saw (remember) black…[​IMG] 
  15. daphen
    The S model's paint seemed a lot sturdier, almost a bit rubbery. I went with the S, let's hope they last. The bass though! :scream::ok_hand:
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