Sennheiser HD 650 vs HiFiMAN HE400i, or other suggestions?
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New Head-Fier
May 27, 2015
So, I'm looking for some new equipment. I mainly listen to music on my desktop, and also watch videos (movies, t.v. shows, etc.) I was browsing through headphones on Amazon and came across the HD 650s and the HE400i and they both had pretty good reviews.  I'm seeing which one I should get as well as any other information or suggestions regarding these headphones or others. 
I listen to metal mostly, and classical on occasion, sometimes electronic music. 
I'm not looking to spend a fortune, so I want to keep it under 500 dollars, preferably 300 to 450$. Besides having it only for my desktop, I listen to music through my cellphone as well (although not as often), so I'd like to know if they are okay with portable use as well. Also, let me know if there is any other necessary equipment that should be used with these headphones or any other headphones you might suggest. I'm looking for best price per performance. 
Thanks for all your help. 

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