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Sennheiser HD 598 + Xonar U7 Too Quiet

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jakob789521, Mar 17, 2014.
  1. Jakob789521
    Hey guys I am fairly new here, 
    So basically I bought the HD598's and a Xonar U7 as I am on a laptop but am having issues with the volume, I have installed all drivers and set Gain to Highest.
    At 100% it should be too loud, but it isn't. I can comfortably listen at that level. But my main problem is that I use Kontakt player to play Piano VST's such as 
    Galaxy Vintage D and others. But these are far too quiet and when I increase the gain on the Kontakt player I get horrible distortion. 
    So basically I need help with my new setup, I'm thinking maybe not enough power from USB ports? I don't know. I knew the Xonar U7 doesn't have the best amp but I thought it should be louder than this :/
    Any help with my new setup would be much appreciated, My main focuses are, Good quality piano in Kontakt for Recording aswell, and games.
    Thanks for reading :)
  2. e22big
    hmm, never tried that U7 but it run fine on my Xonar STX (in PC by the way). Not sure if this help but I found hd598 sound significantly louder and clearer when the port plug is removed. Do the U7 has the Dolby 7.1? If yes turn it on and it can help you a lot with volume (to my distaste though, I don't generally push it beyond 30 and amp sound far too loud for me at all level ) 
  3. raoultrifan
    Hi Jakob,
    I really think you should have enough power to drive HD 598 with your U7 on highest gain setting (150 ohm), but maybe you could search or post your question here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/669127/asus-xonar-u7-dac-amp-appreciation-impressions-thread.
    Personally, I've tested AKG K701 which is less sensitive than HD 598 and the volume of Xonar U7 is almost decent, at least in a quiet environment.
    You could always try if Windows and ASUS volume are set on max. setting. The volume has nothing to do with your USB power; if it was, than the first think would be a lot of distortions increase.
  4. Jakob789521
    Hey thanks for replying, Well you say the highest gain setting is 150 ohms, but my high gain setting said 'For headphones <64 Ohms' IS that not normal?
  5. raoultrifan
    You could try all 3 settings and check which one seems to be louder for your headphones.
    Let us know if that helps.
  6. Jakob789521
    Yeah I have tried every possible setting, even turned Dolby on, It's just strange that I have to put volume at 100% all the time.
  7. oxygen1
    I also have HD598 + U7 but it seems I have no such problems. 
    When amplifier is set on High Gain (>64 Ohm) I cant really go any further than 40% of the volume, it's going to be dangerously loud.
  8. Spleenton
    I feel like an idiot. I'm using the exact same setup, but I had no idea about the gain settings, so I've been using high-gain (default) ever since I got my Xonar. 
    With that said I don't find the volume that low (even at 20%) after changing the gain to medium.
  9. oxygen1
    Yeah, volume level is totally not an issue for U7. But sound, while better than average integrated motherboard, is still feels quite inferior.

    Personally i'm not sure what exit strategy works better here — to get an additional amp or switch to different DAC + amp altogether.
  10. AtrafCreez
    I had the same problem and spent time finding a solution. It worked but darned if I remember what it was (SORRY) but don't give up.
  11. AtrafCreez
    PS...you don't need a new amp or DAC, its in the settings

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