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Sennheiser HD 598 OR Beyerdynamic DT 770 80ohm OR Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by prcooley, Dec 20, 2012.
  1. prcooley
    I currently have the beautiful and awesome Sennheiser HD 598s.  I've had them for about 2 weeks, and really love them, but my main complaint is they are a little bass light and they leak a ton.  The leaking is not really an issue for me, but I am a little disappointed the the bass not being strong.  It's not weak or anything, and the headphones are loud.  I use them on my macbook pro and iPhone.  The volume is good.
    What's really great about these headphones is the soundstage, mids, highs, and clarity.  I basically want these same headphones with a little more punch in the bottom end.  That's why I'm considering either of the Beyerdynamic's: either the DT 770 80ohm, or Custom One Pro (COP).  The HD598 and super comfortable, and I think probably one of the coolest looking headphone out there.  Call me shallow, but the look is a little in keeping me from returning them.
    That said, I'm willing to sacrafice a little of nearly perfect crystal clear mids, highs and soundstage for a little more thump and bottom end.
    I listen to Jazz, Metal, Indy Rock, and some classical and techno or rap.  
    I'm wondering if the COP bass switch is really worth it, or is it a gimmick?  For instance, could I switch it when listening from Dexter Gordon (Jazz), to Inflames (Metal), to Wilco (Indy), to Bach's awesome cello pieces?
    I'm leaning towards the DT 770 80 ohm's.  Am I wrong.
  2. MalVeauX
    The DT770's or COP would both do what you want.
    But since you're getting close to another tier of headphone, I can't help but suggest maybe looking into going for something like a Mr Speaker Mad Dog.
    Very best,
  3. localredhead
    the bass switch on the COPS definitely works as advertised.
    In the linear position they have more bass than a flat response curve would have, so they are still slightly colored.  For musical enjoyment though - I doubt you'll mind.
  4. prcooley
    We'll I just picked up the DT 770 80 ohms.  I'm not sure how I feel.  The bass is not overwhelming, but it is more bass and a slightly warmer sound than the 598s.  I'm a little pissed because I bought them at guitar center, and I'm wondering if they are the floor model, because they where just sitting in the box, and had no 1/4 inch jack, just the 1/8.  So either way, i gotta go back and get that.
    That said, I'm not overly impressed enough to say I'm going to return my 598s, but the jury is still out.  The thing I'm noticing about the 598s immediately as I jump back in forth between the 2 is that the 598s are noticeably louder.  I'd say if the 770s are on 8/10 volume, the 598s gotta be turned down to 6.5/10 or 6 to equal the volume.
    The sennheiser are more comfortable, but the beyerdynamics are very comfortable, so that's a minor issue for me.
    The sound is really close, it's like a little more bass for a a little less mids and soundstage.  Also, I do think the 598s are a little more clear, but they are open headphones so I guess that's what you get with that.
    I'll keep you posted with what i'm going to do.
    I'm also toying with the Audio Technica ATM-50s.  I guess I can't make up my mind.  Ha ha.
  5. draacor
    The sound issue actually makes sense.  It takes more to power the DT770s as its 80ohms whereas the 598s are only 50.  I haven't gotten mine yet so i cant say for certain but i was like you i wanted something close to an open ear can but to be closed for less leakage.  So I ended up getting the AKG K550.  I heard good things about it other than the fit can be finnicky. Might be worth looking into. I tried the ATHM50s but didnt like the comfort of them at all
  6. Robert87
    i'm telling you this from experience, if you're not listening to the dt 770 from a dedicated sound card, at least a xonar dg(comes with built in headphone amp!!), you might as well not listen to them at all. That's why the volume isn't enough. No onboard sound card can properly drive the beyers. The difference is mind blowing, trust me.

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