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Sennheiser HD 25 loose adjustment slider

  1. AnotherAirGuitarist
    Some time ago I ordered a new Sennheiser HD 25 headphone. It turned out it had quite a heavy pinch in the cable and being nervous about the pinch getting worse over time and eventually affecting the performance of the headphone I contacted the webstore about the issue. The headphone also had an adjustment slider more loosely fitted than the slider on the other cup. Never made the cup fall down, but swiveled more because of it. The webstore told me that I should send it back and they would send me another one when they received it. They made a mistake and sent me back my money instead. I had to order them again if I wanted another pair they said.

    Because I would go travel I did not want to order a new pair immediately. So I waited a little while. I recently ordered another HD 25 (different webstore this time) This one also has a loosely fitted slider and more so than the other one. Is this a normal variation on this model or have I just been unlucky? Will this affect functionality of the headphone over time or just the look of it when the headphone is lying down? Anyone else here that have experienced the same thing with a new pair?
  2. tomb
    I'm not sure you should worry about it. The Sennheiser HD25 is one of the toughest headphones made. I have had a couple over the years, including the excellent Amperior version. Yes, the cans have a weird fit on the headphone band, but it works, it lasts, and it doesn't affect the sound quality in any way. These things are regularly used in broadcast booths by major networks for football games and other things. If there was an issue with the funny fit of the cans on the head band, they wouldn't be using them in such great numbers over many, many years.

    If it's a concern you can't live with, maybe you could try just ordering the specific parts, instead. Every single part of the HD25 is available from Sennheiser. It's another thing that makes them bullet-proof and long-lasting under harsh conditions. As much as I like the HD25, I just wish it sounded a lot better. It probably excels at isolation better than anything else it does. These days, however I would prefer a pair of KSC-75s for sound quality, hands down. That has nothing to do with your issue, however.
  3. Mhog55
    It's normal. I returned 3 pairs to Guitar Center, hoping to find one that didn't do this. It's always just on one side also.
  4. AnotherAirGuitarist
    Thanks for your replies! Seems like this may be a normal thing. «Always on one side» Had to laugh a little. :p Well, it`s not only me then at least... This makes them feel kinda cheap, but they do sound really great! Maybe I shouldn`t worry about it. I notified the webshop in an e-mail on Friday, but have not received a reply yet. Hope they will get back to me soon...

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