Sennheiser HD 25-1 VS BeyerDynamic DT880/250
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Jan 29, 2010
hi, anyone here got A/B compared this two difference type headphone?
HD25-1 II is close,small,portable,low impedance
DT880/250 is semi-open,big,not so portable,higher impedance...
which one more worth to own it?(consider how much money product that sound quality) ^ ^
more important is the SQ, i like female voice(Adele), especial live song!! sometime pop,hop-hop...
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You can't really compare the two because one is open and one is closed... They sound significantly different and are good at different applications. Both are considered to be very good headphones and probably worth the money that they are worth.
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but the overall feel really cant compare? may be can compare the performance of both headphone.
or anyone can describe the sound of HD25-1 II?or give some example of the similar headphone sound signature?
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Well having the DT880 it is definitely a not a portable and requires some good dedicated amplification. It has a neutral sound to them with perhaps a little brightness to them as well. I imagine that they would probably sound more open and neutral than the HD25 and would probably have better clarity and separation of instruments.
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anybody write a little review compared about this two headohones? seem like DT880 sound nice than HD25-1...
beyerdynamic still not enough slow for me....but very neutral sound...
just scare will regret if change to HD25-1~ 

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I own the 25-1 soundstage is tight but bass is crisp and so are the vocals. I like how they isolate too pretty good. I'd go for them because of how portable they are but perhaps it depends on your needs. I have grados that listen to at home because I like how warm they are. Hd25s for travel.
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actually i own Yamaha HP-3 and Pioneer SE-700,that is really home use headphone...
so is time to sell my DT880 to change HD25 for some portable rig....
hope that is not a wrong choice....
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If sound quality is your main concern , I wouldn't get the hd25 I.
At first they sound "fun", thanks to a slight mid bass emphasis.
But the soundstage is congested, and  they are uncomfy, even if the velour pads helps.
You get the hd25 for their portability, which is not optimal, because you can't put them around your neck, and the
provided bag is ridiculous. (you can save some money by getting the  basic edition, without bag and extra pads).
Currently I  was switching between the hd25 & hd595 at home , and at the end I  just couldn't stand anymore the hd25.
I  must add, that my current source is not optimal (onboard) , that's perhaps why I  tolerate better the hd595 which is more forgiving.
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I've been thinking about getting the DT 880's my self, I've heard that an E11 can drive them fairly well enough, hopefully that's true as I'm going to need them to be portable. I currently carry my XB700's around with a ZUNE HD and a E7 in a little black bag, although my high school and Public Bus ride days are soon to end, and I may not need or have as mush time for portable music as I do now. Ethier way the DT880's sound very nice! Looking Forward to getting them and a Cowon C2 and pushing some .Flac through them :3
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get HD25-1 II already~
i like the sound,the low very nice,sound extended....
very dynamic,mayb easy to drive~haha....
the price still worth with sound so far~
burning now...hope after 150 hours will more sweet the sound, and will recable with Canare cable....hope it is worth to do that~


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