Sennheiser G4ME Zero vs G4ME One vs HD 598
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Oct 8, 2015
I've browsed through this site and the internet for quite a while looking for this specific answers (I have seen similar posts but not to my specific needs). I am a gamer, I'm looking for a good headphone(or headset) which will serve this purpose. I have researched about other headphones besides the three i've mentioned and I can't choosr between the three.

My situation right now: I will usually game at home but sometimes travel with my gaming laptop. I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which requires a good positioning of audio source).

Some people say that open back are better for audio positioning as it has a bigger soundstage and I'll take their word for it but the problem is I like I said before I sometimes travel which means portability is a factor. Leading to my consideration of the G4me Zero. Problem with that is that the G4me zero is closed back making it not as good for audio positioning. Leaving me with the Game one and hd 598. I also listen to music sometimes and have a decent IEMs for that but I never a (relatively) high end headphones which people say will do good enough for gaming. But the kind of music I listen to are quite bassy so opne backs are not that great of a choice but is not a deal breaker for me. But from some of the threads here I saw that people actually recommend the G4me zero.

Pros and cons of buying each (in my situation):
G4ME Zero:
-Better audio(?)
-More portable (rotating ear cups with a carrying case)
-Closed back

G4ME One:
-Open back (better audio positioning)
-Bad for my music taste
-Less portable
-More leakage

HD 598:
-Open Back
-Bad for my music taste but not deal breaking
-No dedicated mic
-More music optimized(?)

I am in no way an expert and it would be great if someone could help me pick.

P.S. The G4me one cons are mostly minor amd not that deal breaking.
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The Sennheiser HD558 and HD598 and GAME One and PC360 and PC363 all use the same 50-Ohm driver.
So just get the cheapest one, the HD558
This custom cable ($17-$22), makes it easier to use the HD558 with a 3.5mm jack.
Can be ordered in one of five lengths :)
Then get any add-on mic you like.
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Let's say that I limit my options to the G4ME One and HD 598, which should I get? Considering that I'd use these mostly in my home and in my spare time listening to music. I don't have a great mic so the inclusion of one would be great.
P.S. There lots of vendors in my country that sells fake HD 598s (for about $25) probably due to the lack of an "official" sennheiser vendor in my country :frowning2:
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Did you come to a decision? Sorry to revive an old thread. I got the 350se (old version of the game zero) and loved it. But then I read a lot about how open back gives better positional audio (I play csgo). Stupidly I bought some 2nd hand hd595's to check them out. This ruined the 350's for me. I've always used closed back but love the 595s for games and music. So I've ordered some 598se's and game ones so I can compare them. I'm hoping the game one is not too different from the 598se's because the mic on them is amazing and the volume control is so useful.

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