sennheiser cx300 left ear packed in???
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Apr 22, 2008
was down the gym the other day listening to my ipod shuffle and didnt sound right, then i realised the lef ear was playing very quiet

i can still hear it but no where near as loud as the right when on full volume

emailed sennheiser and they say its a build up of wax usually but have found on the net others with left ear probs when writing reviews but no answers

they are bout 8 months old

thanks in advance
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The left side of my Sennheiser CX300 has completely died after 21 months of daily use. Since they have a 2 year warranty, I contacted the retailer (Amazon UK) but they apparently do not stock them any more and told me to contact Sennheiser. I have sent an email but the person is apparently on holiday so I am waiting to see what they say.

I have temporarily purchased some JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallows, and am looking to buy some nice isolating earbuds a step up in quality from the CX300.
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1. Inspect the driver-mesh for wax
2. Turn the channels around to check whether it's not your ear
3. Check whether your source is at fault with some other phones
4. Find your receipt and return the Senns
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I have almost the same problem with my CX300. In my case the right earphone.
I've talked with the retailer that I've bought the earphones from and he took them to service (the company that imports Sennheiser products to Romania) but he had no luck. I had a talk with the guy that deals with service and he told me that this is my fault and I won't get them repaired or changed.
, you seem to know how things are working around, what should I do? Should I write directly to Sennheiser? The distributor doesn't seem to be to nice.
If anyone had any luck please tell us here.

PS: Right now I'm looking to buy a new pair of earphones and, because I live in a small city and my budget is low, I have to choose between another pair of CX300 or Pioneer SE CL30. I'm afraid not to have problems again with CX300 or no to be satisfied by CL30
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I have some problem with my left earphone (low sound) after 5 months of use.
I use them only on an Ipod/Laptop. Right now are on service (romania).
I have another seinheisser (HD215) much older than CX300 and works like a charm. If they don't solve the issue I'm going to talk with Seinheisser since warranty is for 2 years and for sure CX 300 earphone has a lot problems.

any inputs would be great. thx
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After reading the thread pointed by gibex I've taken the grid off and... that seems to be the problem. I'm opening the other earphone right now.
I wonder how will I put the grid back.

EDIT: I managed to clean them both. I even put back the grids. Not as good lookin' as before but at least they sound better.
So, for those with problems: with a needle try to get the grids out by grabbing them from one side. If the earphones sound better without, clean the grids and put them back. Putting them back is quite easy: put the grid on a soft surface (the skin on the fingers is soft enough) and push in the middle with the tip of a ball pen. This way you'll make a cone out of the grid. Now put the grid back in it's place, with the tip of the cone out and push it with your finger. It will gain back it's cylindrical shape and will fit quite fine (depending on your skills and luck).
Good luck!
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I bought for the second time these earphones, because after a while the same problem apears. The same problem of not working well one side.
I hope that Sennheiser does something about it.
And they are not cheap!!

Do you have an oppinion of another in-ear-headphone that doesn't brake so easily?
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Hi guys n gals,
I had the same problem after 1 week of use. Left side almost negligible. Solution = clean with hydrogen peroxide! I submerged both plugs for a couple of hours and now they sound as good as new.

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