Sennheiser cx 3.0 vs Sony MDR EX650
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Oct 15, 2013
These 2 earphones are in the same price range in my country. Which one would you recommend, regarding bass, sound quality, and durability ?
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Let me put it this way. The CX 3.00 sounds really..."unspecial." in fact, the CX 1.00 2.00 3.00 5.00 all have this issue. They might have a fair amount of bass, but the sound is oddly un-distinctive. They're not bad at all, but as an example, Sennheiser's own Momentum IE is tuned to sound way sexier than the CX 5.00.
Anyone who wants a Sennheiser IEM, I'd say just spend extra and get the Momentum IE, it's really that good.
The EX650 has a lot of bass and pretty intense treble, so here the question is reversed - is that excitement too much for you? If you're after excitement then it's an excellent pick.
Don't count on either one being more durable than the other.
Having said all this I'm not sure how I'd vote. Probably Sony, but the EX650 is too intense for my tastes, so I'd downgrade to the EX450.
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MDR-EX650 is leaps ahead BUT the treble... it just gets too excited, sibilant and peaky, if it was smooth up top this would get away with having £150 price tag not the £55 i paid for it.

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