Senn HD959 vs. AKG-701's vs. Beyerdynamics
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Mar 10, 2008
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I'm going to be picking up a new pair of headphones pretty soon and I was wondering what route to go. I currently have a set of Sennheiser HD590's, and really like how they fit completely over my ear. I hear the AKG's are really nice, but the ear pieces look a little small to fit over my entire ear, same with the DT-880's, DT-990's. I'm just wondering if they just look small, or if they would fit the same way my 590's do. Or is it worth the loss of a little comfort for a set of phones with a lot better sound? Any thoughts/suggestions?

thanks in advance

p.s. I'm also looking into getting a decent DAC and HP amp too, but I'll post about that in the correct part of the forum.
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Yeah, the earcups on all three are big enough for basically anyone.
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Can't comment on the 590's since I've never seen them in the wild as far as I can remember. From how the cups look like they should go around your ears and not sit on top of them.
The DT990 have quite big earcups and will surely fit over your ears. Comfort and size-wise I'd rank them about on the same level as the HD580 and HD600 that I've worn over the years. Well unless your second name is Dumbo they should fit over your ears that is.
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If thats the case, are the AKG's on par with the DT-880's or 990's? I don't really like the look of the AKGs, they don't look like they have alot of head padding to em. I'd ask 'is it even worth the upgrade' but, it's always nice to get some new toys

edit: I just realize my title was dyslexic'd should be Senn 595's, not 959's lol

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