Seeking referral to sources about hi-fi systems
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May 2, 2013
Haven't posted on here in years, wow. My brother came to me, "the audio guy" in his life for recommendations for a hi-fi setup. He has speakers for now, nothing too fancy, but is looking for a receiver for his new living room setup (DAC/amp). Stereo setup.

What forums, sites, YouTube channels etc could I best use to help us figure out what makes sense? I can and will put some independent research time in.

I know Schiit and Audio-GD and some brands I know from years ago do make some gear in the space but I don't want to just rely on that, had a NAD/PSB setup in the family I loved once. Anyways... thanks and cheers!

Edit: a friend suggested Sony and Denon AV receivers so I'm starting there. found a Denon (DRA-800H) as a starting place to get my bearings but looks like it's not able to support 4k 120Hz. Oh, rabbit holes... on we go.
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