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Seattle Summer Meet, 07/28/18

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    Saturday July 28th at 10am til 5pm
    At the Broadview Library
    12755 Greenwood Ave N
    Seattle WA 98133

    Annual Summer Meet. Great Location and we have more time to do things. There is plenty of room and plenty of power. There will be a pre meet and aftermeet festivities. PM me if you have any questions or concerns. If this is your 1st meet, please bring your gear and a friend. You will have more fun with a buddie listening to all the gear. Pleased bring your questions. We will have Vets around to help answer them
  3. LostInMyDream
    Hmm. I may be able to cross the border and show up again.
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  4. gefski
    Returned yesterday from 3+ weeks away, turned everything on, started 24/7 playlist. The uDO/YggyB chain needs to "get back in shape" by the 28th.
  5. LostInMyDream
    How many people offline have signed up for the meet?
    Yeah we have peeps confirmed on the FB page and the normal chatter between peeps so it should be a fine turnout.
  7. LostInMyDream
    If anyone could bring a speaker banana tap to hp 4-pin XLR dongle?
  8. johnjen
    I'll be there, maybe not at 10am, but a smidgen later with my gen-5 and gen-6 HD800's (aka HD800-Jmod) and some info about my new tube amp project.

  9. atomicbob
    At this time it appears I will be able to make 1000 to 1500. Bringing something very special. Need half a table for the system.
    You got it Bob
  11. gefski
    I plan to hot transport my Dante Ethernet fed YggyB, which will communicate with any other AOIP sources.

    Not sure, but thinking about traveling ampless again. If anyone has an amp and would like to Yggy feed it, we could hook up.
  12. johnjen
    So there is a good chance I will be bringing an amp, along with my 800's etc.
    An amp unlike ANYthing you could ever imagine.

    So Gefski if you have a set of SE outputs (it won't be setup to take 3-pin xlr balanced input for a bit yet) we can power up this BIG iiiirrrrrnnnn amp.
    And it does have a LARGE footprint ≈ 1' x 2'.

    This will be the grand unveiling of the breadboard, the demonstrator proof of concept and performance model, without ANY bells and whistles.

  13. gefski
    Sounds like fun! You must have been burning the midnight oil.

    Hope it doesn't shut down the neighborhood grid! :ksc75smile:
  14. johnjen
    I have a variac so we can bring it up 's-l-o-w-l-y', at least the initial startups anyway.
    After that it'll be throw that switch and stand back…:ksc75smile:

    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
  15. gefski
    My shelf the Yggy fits under has a top surface 13 X 23 and it's sturdy, same one I always bring. What's your expected ETA?
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