Seattle Meet 6-11-22 AT Broadview Library=POSTPONED
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 8, 2006
WHERE: Broadview Library
12755 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle WA, 98133

WHEN : Saturday, June 11 2022
TIME : 10:00AM-5:00pm

So here we are starting up the Seattle meets again. If you need to wear a mask wear one. But totally up to the individual. We will have Clorox wipes and sanitizer for the meet.
So if this is your 1st meet please bring your gear and a friend. More fun with a friend. And bring your questions. We will have veteran Head-fiers that will be able to answer them. These meets are laid back and fun. We have been doing this for many years up here and pretty much have these meets down.
Any questions or concerns about the meet please contact me,

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I will try to make this!
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For a First time attendee, what type of stuff should one bring? The Do's and Don'ts?
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For a First time attendee, what type of stuff should one bring? The Do's and Don'ts?
Everything that’s important is in the 1st post. Other than that. Have a good time. Oh and listen to everything that you can. What else there?
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Dang, I'm out of town that weekend for a trip to Walla Walla. I joined the site during the pandemic so I've been really looking forward to getting a chance to come to a meetup and listen to some gear that's not my own and hopefully broaden my horizons. How often are these meetups organized?
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Who is bringing new gear?
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I won't be able to make it as I'll be out of town that weekend.

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Many of the Veteran Head-fiers will not be able to make it this weekend so we will have another planned very shortly.

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Any idea when this might be rescheduled? Hoping it won't be the same weekend as Seattle to Portland ride. (July 16-17)
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Greetings fellow Seattleites.
Don't get around much these days.The last 10 months working 6 days/10-12 hours on a 5.4 MILLION sq.ft.Amazon Dist.Center in Smokey Point(up North a ways).My Audio GD R28 & iBasso SR-1's providing blissful,if not brief,respite & release before collapsing into a coma for a few hours each night.
Anyway,I have a co worker highly interested in setting up a head-fi system & he has expressed great interest in attending even a small can-jam to get a taste of earvana.I would be glad to bring the SR-1's & HFM Sundara's if anyone was interested in them.
Just need a small heads up on a date that works for everyone & will let him know.Hope we can set this up.Thanks & take care.
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@BIG POPPA keep us posted.

Picked up a Gungnir MB DAC
EMU Teak Headphones
HEDDphones I still have

For IEMs : UM MEST mk1, still have the Campfire Solaris OG and Andromeda.
XDuoo XD 05 Balanced with Sparkos 3602 Discrete OpAmps

I'll see if I can convince a coworker to bring his Rockna Wavedream Dac and Tube Amps
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