Searching for a balanced cable w/ 2,5mm 4-pin plug for Fischer Amps FA-4E XB
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Mar 31, 2013
Hi there!
As I own the on top mentioned in-ear phones which are to be driven with a FiiO M11 I need a balanced cable (4-pin 2,5 mm plug) for them cause the 3,5mm output is to weak in my opinion. The balanced output is much more powerful.
I asked at Fischer‘s for a cable but they do not produce or sell these. They recommended one made by FiiO (RC-UE 2B) but this doesn‘t work because the 2 pins are some 0,02/03 mm too thin and about 1 mm too short. Anotherone by Linsoul (Tripowin Zonie 16) sounded awful although the pins fit. The other prob was that + and - poles were swapped so the cable bow over the ears looked forward :wink:

Does anybody here know which balanced cable with an 4pin 2,5mm Plug and 2pin earphone plugs would fit and sound perfectly? I love these earphones but I also love the loud balanced output of my FiiO M11, which even sounds better than the FiiO AM5 of my FiiO Q5 headphone amp, in my opinion. :).

I appreciate every advice from you. Thanks in advance and forgive my clumsy english.

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Does nobody have any idea at all?

Does really nobody own a pair of in-ears with two 2-pin connectors at the driver (ear-plug) side and a 2.5mm balanced plug at the other (amp/player) side?
What a pity.

So it seems like I have to find a cable maker to built a special one for me then.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards from Bavaria

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