SE Michigan meet (6/3/18) Impressions Thread
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Apr 4, 2017
Thanks to Jeff (@jbannow) for graciously providing his amazing tiki bar for us to meet at! Also thanks to Jude (@jude) and Brian (@AxelCloris) for lugging around that amazing collection of gear, you guys really came through!

I had a great time meeting all of you and just talking gear. I probably spent more time chatting with people than actually listening to gear, but it was a lot of fun so I can't complain.

Go ahead and use this thread to post up any photos and share your impressions with the gear. I'll update this post with my own impressions once I get around to writing out my thoughts.
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Sounds like you guys had a great meet. Wish I could have joined you, but life intervenes as usual.

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tell me if this is the proper way to post pics, as this is my first :wink:

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Didn't even know this was happening... damn.
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Looks like paradise!
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Man I would have liked to come to this. I'm up a little north of Flint, but there aren't any meets around these woods. Would love to get on a mailing list or something to attend the next meet.
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A great time was had. Lots of cool new gear. New and old faces. A great setting, thanks @jbannow for hosting. Thanks for @givemetacos for getting it set-up. Thanks @jude and @AxelCloris for bringing the primo gear!

Of course like always I didn't get to listen to everything. But of the ones I did a few stood out as great performers(and way out of my price range). The first was I finally got to hear the Abyss Phi. Driven from a Wells Audio Milo and a (the)DAVE as source was indescribable. Waaaaay different than when I first listened to them using a smaller Schiit stack earlier in the meet. Definitely source/amp dependent. Second was the Sennheiser HD820 closed back. IMO an upgrade from the open back versions in every way except size of soundstage, albeit still pretty large. I powered it from my Feliks Audio Elise 1.2 and really could've listened to it all night. Another standout headphone was the Audeze LCD-XC an excellent sounding headphone in all regards. Crisp treble' tight bass and a well rounded midrange. The weight and size is a bit of a bummer, though. The next one I enjoyed a lot was the HiFiMan Susvara. First off, having a $6k headphone on your head with a $4.5k cable really puts things into perspective. I've always been a fan of the HiFiMan sound and this did not disappoint. When paired with the higher end gear(Dave/Milo) it shined in all categories. But with lower power it lost some of its clean, clear sound. And the last and my favorite, the Final Audio D8000. When Jude first showed them to me a was taken aback by the odd look. I was even more put off by the sheer size and weight of them. I didn't even bother to listen to them. As the meet started to wind down I decided to give them some head time. AMAZING! It double checked everything I wanted a headphone to sound like. Crisp, clear, sparkling(not harsh at all) highs. A full, natural and highly detailed midrange. And the bass.....perfect! And the best thing a out them was they sounded great out of every single thing I plugged them into. Of course the Dave/Milo was ridiculous, my Elise did pretty good, the iFi iCan Pro was awesome with them as well. But I really enjoyed them out of the A&K Kaan. It sounded perfect and was cool to be able to take it anywhere have that great sound come along.

Speaking of the iFi iCan Pro, that little amp is very nice! On my list as a next purchase. All the inputs/outputs, settings and modes made it perfect for anything you wanted to power. It was a warm little bugger, though.

I enjoyed my time. And need to come up with some $$$ somehow.
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