Schiit Stack White Noise
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Feb 14, 2014
My modi/magni make an excessive amount of white noise when music is played.
I got the mangni and modi 2 new in the mail today. Installed them with 1.5 foot good quality RCA cables and gold splitters on the Magni to the Modi and phono preamp. I have a good usb 2.0 cable less than 2 meters running from the modi to the computer. I am using HD 650s.
In order to achieve a decent level of noise (loud but not unhealthy) I need to turn the magni over the halfway mark on low gain. However, this results in a large amount of white noise, especially in iTunes where it is almost unlistenable because of the white noise.
Any help is appreciated.
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So you are using the splitter to connect the output of the preamp, the output of the modi, and the input of the magni together? This is not a good idea because the splitter is connecting two outputs directly together. You need a mixer or a switch. Disconnect the modi or preamp and see if there is still a problem.
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As above, try it without the splitter. If that doesn't solve it, check volume and setting on your computer. Then check the Schiit trouble shooting faq.

If none of that works, you may have a defective unit. It happens, call Schiit, and they should sort it out.

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