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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. bcowen
    People actually read those? Dang. Who knew. :relaxed:
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  2. Varejao17
    They are selling brand new ones now: not that it's any cheaper!

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  3. saddleup
    I purchased a new Thorens 320 sometime in the eighties. It was the successor of the legendary TD 160. I loved that table. In the nineties I 'upgraded' to a Linn Axis. It wasn't a LP 12 but I thought it would be a step up. Turned out to be a perhaps a backward move, a lateral one at best. It had a dark quality I never fell in love with. I sold the Linn and most of my LP collection with the exception of around 200 of my albums in 1999 when I went all in on CD.

    In 2019 I started shopping for a new table and quickly realized that I'm going to have to spend a few dollars to get a table at least as good as my past tables. All though I've been tempted by the modestly priced Music Hall, Pro-Ject and U-Turns of the world I know in the long run they won't be satisfying.

    The SOL at $700-$800 looked like a steal. I've been without a turntable for 20 years so I have been patiently waiting for the release of SOL to read the user reviews. When that went sideways I did the most logical thing. I found a used TD 320 in really good shape and at an amazing price and jumped on it. Because of the much better electronics that I own today compared to what I had 20 years ago my 200 albums never sounded better.

    A SOL at $699-$799-$899 would occupy that space all on it's own. Nothing else would compete. The higher it goes in price closer it gets to a space that has a lot more occupants. @Jason Stoddard if you are going to do it make it a giant killer.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  4. GearMe
    Interesting...is this a thing now?

    Neither the Linn or the Thorens turntables required a 'jump start" back in the day.
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  5. vladpetric
    I think your definition is a bit too strict.

    From Wikipedia:

    "In a blind or blinded experiment, information which may influence the participants of the experiment is withheld (masked or blinded) until after the experiment is complete. Good blinding can reduce or eliminate experimental biases that arise from a participants' expectations, observer's effect on the participants, observer bias, confirmation bias, and other sources."

    I think this qualifies.
  6. FLTWS
    A Jotunheim R question for Jason. Any issue running the unit without the RS1a connected, say accidentally?
  7. TS0711
    I'm basing my opinion on the feature set... Stand-alone motor, VTA on the fly, inverted plater bearing, 10 inch switchable arm... You won't find those anywhere else for the price. But I could be wrong.
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  8. bcowen
    Is what a thing? The jump-start? It's a thing, but not just now. The Roksan I had 25+ years ago needed a push to get it going. So from personal experience, it's at least a 25+ year thing. :laughing:
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  9. leonthebumme
    I love reading my Schiit manuals. Besides the obvious useful product info, they are filled with many tidbits of hilarity.
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  10. dieslemat
    No problem going up to 96db (measure using an iphone app)

    i believe also said I run 2 aegirs. Speakers are also 8 ohms.
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  11. GearMe
    Seems like a great solution...loved my TD 125 when I had it.
    Most importantly, sounds like you're really enjoying the TD 320! :)

    I sold my albums as well when CDs came out and never looked back...don't spin CDs now either!
    Still buy CD's (typically used) in addition to digital downloads but only to xfer them to computer/phone.
    Guess I'm getting lazy but the convenience/portability/etc of the digital format is so nice in so many ways! :wink:
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  12. Jason Stoddard
    If you mean the SR1a headphones, nope, no problem at all.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  13. Mr Rick
    No one ever reads those things anyway. :ksc75smile:
  14. ipeverywhere
    The Schiit manuals are well worth a read. If you've not read them you're missing a lot of entertainment that comes with being an owner. They are as good or better than their FAQs.

    Although, one suggestion: If you could tag the "Written by lawyers" pages it would help me get to the good stuff a lot faster. Thank you.

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  15. Dogmatrix
    I agree
    I think it would be practically impossible to mount true blind tests in this scenario since anyone turning up at the "Schiitr" would already have a pretty good idea as to what was going on .
    What Jason and crew are doing is clearly in the name of good fun and not meant as scientific data .

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